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Lime the Kaliningrad militiamen went for a drive on reserved dunes on jeeps

- Incident has occurred around settlement Fishing directly on the bank of Baltic sea, - has told to the correspondent   news agency REGNUM the deputy director of national park the Kurshsky plait Alexander the QUEEN. - Are detained two ten men which have broken a reserve mode, going for a drive on dunes on jeeps and kindling fires.

As it was found out a bit later, fans rally - representatives of law enforcement bodies, in particular, from Management on struggle against the organised crime (UBOP) and Offices of Public Prosecutor. Having driven on dunes they have parked four off-road cars (BMW X5, Mercedes ML, Infinity and Hummers) directly on a sea beach, near to urezom waters, have put tents, and peacefully in them have fallen asleep. Idyll of it pionerlagerja employees of department of protection of national park have broken.

- On the requirement to show documents and to leave from a beach having a rest have refused, - continues Alexander Koroleva. - then inspectors have contacted the director of national park Evgenie Snegirevym, and through it - with a management of the Department of Internal Affairs of the Kaliningrad region. To a place of events there have arrived traffic police crews, and also employees of department of own security of the Department of Internal Affairs and and UBOP.

All tents having a rest have there and then cleaned, fires have extinguished, and cars have put on parking. As a result, as the basic infringers recognised drivers of cars. They are involved in administrative responsibility, in particular, that have moved down from a firm covering, have moved through avandjunu on which and on foot in not taken away places it is forbidden to go. Besides drivers admitted that have dissolved fires and have pitched tents, and at check of documents it has appeared that among drivers of police officers and the Office of Public Prosecutor is not present.