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On the Sevastopol beach the mine

On rusty zhelezjaku the health-resort visitors who had a rest on a city beach " have casually come across; Solar . It it has appeared not simply zhelezjaka, and 120 - millimetric German minometnaja a smoke mine. The thingummy has suddenly filled with smoke and has lighted up directly on sand. Frightened pljazhniki have called on 01 also have called pirotehnikov. And very much in time. It is a little more - and the ammunition which has heated up on the sun could jerk. And after all round hundred people

- This mine has lain in Black sea of more than sixty years, - the chief under abnormal condition - a saving part of a special purpose of the Ministry of Emergency Measures of Ukraine in Sevastopol Oleg PISKORSKY tells. - Nevertheless has saved all technical properties. The smoke mine of this kind at interaction with air or at heating lights up. More precisely, the smoke substance from which can work a trotyl charge lights up.

the Mine at once have taken out and have destroyed on range in settlement Khmelnitskiy. And a bit later it became known about the second similar find. In water area kerchenskogo boarding house Friendship divers from the Ministry of Emergency Measures in 10 metres from coast have caught a sea anchor mine. In the beginning of war Germans have established such 5 200 - kilogramme mines of the sample of 1912. Radius of scattering of splinters from such - about 800 metres. On classification, transportation of it boezapasa on a land is excluded, therefore will neutralise a mine today deeply in passage. And for this time have settled out in a safe zone of inhabitants of nearby houses and having a rest, and also have closed beaches and sea water area.

- it is good that on our beach only sex - bombs. A photo from archive