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In Novomoskovsk near Tula We have put avenue of memory of unknown soldiers

already have told that in Beleve the Tula area are going to note victory in fight on the Kursk arch. Do not lag behind and novomoskovtsy. Truth will celebrate here not anniversary of victory of the Soviet soldiers, and have simply repaid their a memory debt.

combatants of Novomoskovsk together svoenno - the patriotic organisation East front proveliraskopki in places of passage of military operations of times VelikojOtechestvennoj. Efforts have not gone to waste. Searchers have found bodies of 7 lost soldiers. Unfortunately them it was not possible to establish the person, writes newstula . ru .

Remains of warriors have officially buried a cemetery of Novomoskovsk near to a communal grave. On a tomb have established an obelisk which became the Avenue beginning pamjatineizvestnyh the soldier.