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Road accident in Yaroslavl: the motorcyclist has brought down the woman and has disappeared

Yesterday about the half sixth evening on the prospectus of Machine engineers, the motorcyclist has brought down the woman and has disappeared, without having waited inspectors of traffic police and ambulance surgeons. The inhabitant of one of nearby houses passed road when on it the motorcycle has unexpectedly jumped out.

the kvass saleswoman became the Casual witness of this road accident. She that also has told that the motorcycle was black, by the form - not domestic. It went not too quickly. But also the driver and the woman passing road have begun to panic, therefore they and have faced.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                

the Motorcyclist after collision has approached to the woman and has tried to help. However when doctors have approached on a road accident place, the driver has disappeared. After a while near to the injured woman there was her husband.

There was a saleswoman and has told that your wife is brought down by transport. I have seen first aid, have come running. Has glanced, at once has learnt it, there were engaged in it. The doctor has warned me that, probably, it is necessary to amputate a foot - the husband suffered Evgenie Koval has shared.

Suffered at once delivered in Solovevsky hospital. Doctors have defined that urgent operation is necessary for the suffered. Now it is in resuscitation, passes TV channel NTM .

the traffic police of Yaroslavl region asks all who became the casual witness of this road accident, to call by phones 30 - 10 - 10 or 002.