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In Krasnoyarsk “ Picnic “ submachine gunners

Legendary pitertsy have met have acted on birthday “ Che Guevaras “

musicians have arrived To Krasnoyarsk from Irkutsk practically before a concert. On excursions and campaigns on time city does not remain. Though Petersburg musicians admitted that on tours adore to go on foot.

- Only and it is possible to get acquainted with a city, - the leader of group Edmund Shkljarsky explains. - Earlier we still always badges bought with the city image where takes place a concert. And now their our industry does not let out …

a group Concert “ Picnic “ have dated for commemorating of the first birthday “ Che Guevaras “. Atmosphere in club had to good rest. For example, on an input of all visitors revolutionaries with Kalashnikov`s automatic machines met and … treated with vodka!

Petersburg musicians acted about two hours. Only to admirers and it was a little. Public two times called group encore. Musicians have not refused. Professionals!

the soloist “ Picnic “ Edmund Shkljarsky took a guitar at eight-year age.

- has heard “ Beatles “ on bobinnom the tape recorder also began to demand from parents that have bought a guitar, - the soloist of group " remembers; Picnic “. - At us even the family ensemble was generated: I and three cousins played for visitors.

first musical activity of group “ Picnic “ in every possible way forbade. Then musicians went out of town and gave concerts on the open areas. Actually, since those times the name " also has gone; Picnic “.

- With people with whom we then have become friends, communicate till now, - explains Edmund Shkljarsky, - and on a broader scale at us very much a vicious circle of friends. We do not go on secular parties, to the contrary, we try to slip away whence only probably.

And still the leader of group admitted that there is only one place where he feels with-it. It is the closed court yard of College of mines on Neva where Shkljarsky studied.

right after a concert in “ to Che Guevara “ Petersburg musicians have left with tours to Novosibirsk.



- Recently has read in newspapers that all group “ Picnic “ is on the verge of a mental exhaustion, and in a train that we did not attempt upon neighbours in the car, us accompanies twenty police officers. Funny …

the File “ CLUBνθκθ “

“ Picnic “ it was formed in 1978. As well as others Petersburg fate - groups, they rehearsed and acted on semilegal position. “ picnic “ became more and more known. Together with such commands, as “ Russians “ “ the Mirror “ and “ Myths “ the fate - club takes part in a historical concert on March, 7th, 1981, devoted to opening Leningrad. Soon in “ Picnic “ the guitarist and vocalist Edmund Shkljarsky which becomes the leader of this group comes.

a quiz “ ΡLUBνθκθ “

As well as promised, we sum up a quiz:

1. “ Che Guevara “.

2. “ the Cheerful wheel “.

3. 28.

Elvira Antonovich became the Winner. It receives two tickets in night club. In these days off Elvira will light in club “ the Orange “.

Here next portion of questions:

1. In what club have cancelled “ Personal parties “?

A “ the Koloradsky father “.

V “ Gagarin “.

S “ the Labyrinth “.

2. How much years will be executed art - to the director “ Gagarin “ to Dmitry Krengu?

And. 33

Century 26

With. 23

3. Near to what night club there is a furrier`s?

A. “ Alaska “.

B. “ the Pilot “.

C. “ Nautilus “.

Send the answers on “ soap “: nika@netman. ru. To ask Niku.

the Winner will receive 2 tickets in one of night clubs of Krasnoyarsk. I look forward!

the Poster “ CLUBνθκθ “

Where we will curl?

on November, 18th

in 22. 00 - group performance “ Azazzel “ in night club “ Che Guevara “.

In 22. 00 - a party “ Night Faculty “ in night club “ Gagarin “.

22. 00 - the international day of the student in night club “ the Planet Krasnoyarsk “. All studying and not so conventual community celebrates the professional feast. Before session it is still far, so, it is possible to have fun to the full extent! By the way, owners of student`s cards will receive a discount for an input on a party. Do not forget studiki!

22. 00 - a party “ collection Display - 2005 - a boutique “ the Fashion plaza “ In night club “ the Labyrinth “. The next party from a project series “ Feshn Klab Knight “.

on November, 19th

In 22. 00 - “ Wine New year “ in night club “ the Labyrinth “. Promise that on this party French wine will flow like water …

In 22. 00 - a party “ the Homophobia: an episode I// Latent threat “ in night club “ the Planet Krasnoyarsk “. Celebratory show is devoted commemorating of birthday of the radio DJ of Krasnoyarsk by Shury Blinnikova. In the program: KVN command “ Chickens of Tobacco “ the musical project “ No Conception “ and presentation of new group true naturalov “ Synthy Band “ - Shura Blinnikov and Zhora Gagarin. Also participate: Greem, Koo4er, Sunny Boys. An input: 160 roubles, with a flyer - 130.

In 22. 00 - the group " acts; the Aquarium “ (St.-Petersburg) in night club “ Che Guevara “. Krasnoyarsk citizens can hear ten new compositions from Boris Grebenshchikova, and also many its old songs. Participate: ballet Che Guevara, Santiago.

In 22. 00 - the dramatized cinema - show “ Hollywood “ in night club “ the Koloradsky father “. All night long together with you the most known heroes and brilliant actors of Hollywood have a good time. Conducts the program itself “ the Mask “. An input: 300 - 350 roubles.

on November, 20th

19. 00 - a concert “ Factories of stars - 4 “ in BKZ. To Krasnoyarsk the next portion " will appear suddenly; manufacturers “. The show from star boys and girls will devastate a pocket of admirers on the average on five hundred roubles …

In 22. 00 - a group concert “ the Forbidden drummers “ (Moscow) in night club “ Che Guevara “. Days off will pass by you if you do not echo “ to drummers “ hit songs “ Have killed the Black “ or “ 1000000$ “.

In 22. 00 - a party “ passion Empire “ in night club “ the Planet Krasnoyarsk “.

In 22. 00 - cinema continuation - show “ Hollywood “ in night club “ the Koloradsky father “. All night long together with you the most known heroes and brilliant actors of Hollywood have a good time. Conducts the program itself “ the Mask “. An input: 300 - 350 roubles.

22. 00 - a party “ Tequila of Pati - OLMECA shock “ in night club “ the Labyrinth “.

on November, 21st

22. 00 - evening of guitar music in night club “ Che Guevara “.

22. 00 - the world day of salutions in an erotic bar “ the Lighter “. To attention of polyglots! Those who will greet girls on an input in six languages, free entrance waits. All the rest for an input should lay out 200 roubles.

on November, 22nd

22. 00 - a party “ Happy birthday, Dmitry Kreng! “ in night club “ Gagarin “. Participate: Crang, Fast, Funky, Gorodnev, Karp. For all celebratory show, a buffet table and the big celebratory pie!