Rus News Journal

To pass road to Turgeneva - risk for life!

recently in a city boards with the information that on roads of the country to year perishes more than 30 000 persons hung. What sense on it to inform, without trying to make transitions safe?

Inhabitants of our area constantly risk health, passing road near trolleybus stops Olympic and Assemblers on Turgeneva.

the Cars going on Turgeneva from street of Gagarin, after a traffic light are strongly dispersed, as go on the main. Signs on a pedestrian crossing and a zebra our drivers simply ignore.

squeal of brakes is constantly audible, signals of cars, elementary do not pass pedestrians. Mummies with baby carriages or small children, older persons stand at road, without daring to pass it, on 10 - 15 minutes.

the woman on April, 10th was lost. The car, its knocked down, has disappeared from a scene...

Nearby there are two schools - 5 and 18, kindergartens 130 and 175, female consultation 4, children`s polyclinic 6, post office 49, grocery shops.

Really it is impossible to solve our problem? I ask to publish this letter. Perhaps, the city authorities will pay attention to it.

Turk Paul Vasilyevich.