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Krasnoyarsk becomes erotic capital of Siberia?

the thoughtless TV channel which will appear in our city in the end of December, will be the first in Russia

About it we have learnt from the most known in narrow circles erotomanov the Russian Federation Petersburg pornoproducer Sergey Pryanishnikov. Sergey together with founders of the cable erotic channel Maxim - TV has given yesterday a press - conference in Krasnoyarsk Pryanishnikov has arrived to support idea of the first in the country strawberry the channel and to advance on it production of own manufacture. So, on Maxim - TV it will be shown a producer by it erotichesko - a political broadcast. The pornoproducer even has explained to journalists as in it the policy and a sensuality will be combined:

- Any political action can be considered from the sexual point of view: that with whom have made and as it has occurred.

To Do pornographic films against the Siberian landscapes Pryanishnikov who has become famous for shooting of erotic video on Palace Square and on quay of Neva in Peter, does not gather, but in the future of such possibility does not exclude.

the erotic television will be for a certain payment (how much - founders yet have not decided) to broadcast for the limited number of subscribers of the relaying companies nuclear heating plant and the Raster also will start to leave on 18 - m a television channel in the end of December.

Sergey`s nedelina photo.