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Have fooled around? Buy an alibi!

two years in our city the organisation which renders such service

the Director of an alibi works - agencies Larissa Stepanischev is engaged in unusual business six years. At first thought out saving scenarios for friends and acquaintances. When acquaintances of acquaintances began to be converted, has been decided to put a hobby on a commercial basis.

- to describe our average client it is impossible, - Larissa Janovna speaks, - because there is no average. Are converted with the most different problems. And we give an alibi not so much, how much we model situations in which people can solve the problems.

situations different. Girls who at school offend, with the request " are converted; to organise the big brother by the car. There are young girls who do not have fight - friends, but there is a desire to tell to girlfriends how it has carried in private life. And to show the prince on white Mercedes And in a white suit.

there are husbands who walk, but do not want to lose the wife and children. And there are the wives assured that the Alibi - agency will help to return the husband.

- unfortunately, we should refuse thirty percent of orders, - Larissa Stepanischev continues. - the woman with the request Is converted to return the spouse with whom she does not live some years. We explain to it, what we can make so that he has left a passion but where confidence, what it will return to a family?

we will give to the mistress of the husband of the rich boyfriend

And here to pull out the hubby from paws of the mistress very much even it is possible. It is just necessary to organise to the wretch alternative: the same rich boyfriend, but younger and single. To it it also will fly away. However, it is necessary to fork up rather for such service.

- the beautiful trick cheap does not happen, - Larissa Janovna explains. - Here, suppose, you need to return in a bosom of a family 35 - the summer husband, with a prosperity, good car. Means, and the false boyfriend needs to rent for a while worthy apartment, a car, to buy expensive clothes. All campaigns in restaurants, gifts, bunches of flowers too should be paid to the deceived spouse.

we will check up the wife bankruptcy

quite often Krasnoyarsk businessmen want to check up feelings blagovernyh: whom does she love, me or my money? an alibi - agency helps, bankrupts the husband. Once to the customer come from tax inspection and seal up property, leaving only mean small house in village. Wives react on - to a miscellaneous. One leave in a huff, others try to support the husband.

one succeeding businessman has decided to change the life considerably. He was tired of intense relations with the mother-in-law, whims of the spoilt son. Still it seemed to it that the wife lives with it for the sake of money Then the man has solved to go bankrupt .

is not cheap service, - Larissa Stepanischev tells, - all its enterprises need to be copied on other person. So much paper affairs!

to the customer have given a small house near to Krasnoyarsk. Naturally, without heating and the water drain. With dorogushchej cars have replaced on old the Muscovite the frog colour. There and then to burnt through to the businessman the mother-in-law with the offer has come tearing along to sell its apartment that as - that to help the son-in-law to open new business.

- rural boys have brought down a peg and the son. Silk became! - Larissa Janovna continues. - the Wife on the position did not murmur: it is unimportant that all have lost. At you brains are - soon all we will make

After such experiment the businessman has understood that with such wife though on the world`s end. For the endured crucifyings has presented to it the house abroad.

the temporary husband became constants

- To us was converted well-groomed and succeeding business - vumen, - Larissa tells. - to it the spouse for the evening

Business was required was so. Svetlana has casually got on a meeting of schoolmates. Business - the lady told it as has reached such life by 37 years, and schoolmates - about families. It it about successful transactions, they - about favourite karapuzov. In a word, it was necessary to it to tell lies about the husband of which actually was not. Schoolmates have thrust on a visit to Svetlana. Here also it was necessary business - the lady like mad to run for an alibi the husband is!

- I have asked an old familiar bachelor to play a role of the careful spouse, - Larissa laughs. - It was necessary to transfigure apartment completely. Same to you not easier cap in a corridor to hang up and the razor in a bathroom to put. It was necessary to age photos to do photo albums.

By the way, after draw this couple has decided to get married! Already nurture the kid.

who gives an alibi?

Now in agency - 160 agents who if necessary become mistresses, waiters, husbands, servants, mums and fathers During the task of the agent podstrahovyvajut 4 more - 5 persons. They play a role of casual passers-by, workers of restaurant or its habitues.

actor`s education - is unessential. The main thing - ability to orient in a situation and to keep the mouth shut. For this reason agents recheck on some times.

- differently it is impossible, we cannot so to risk, - Larissa Stepanischev speaks. - there was such case: our checked up client has asked the beginner: Well, have accepted? and that has given out to it: would Take faster! Though any information to learn and sell .

And still agents are not recommended to continue the relation with clients out of business frameworks.

- when you the agent, you see absolutely on - to another: expensive car, clothes, the social status, - continues the director the Alibi - agencies - after the task you again become by itself, and the client simply does not learn you. Same not a fairy tale about the Cinderella