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When a body and thoughts work in a unison

Each woman dreams of a beautiful figure and a harmonous bearing. Employment in sports hall demand a lot of time. Efforts frequently appear are vain. How to reduce volumes and to make a bearing correct, readers doctor Evgenie Malandej

advises Two effects in one

- the Stretched muscles of a stomach, buttocks and hips uneasy to put in order by means of usual physical exercises, - Evgenie Vasilevich speaks. - massage and aerobics do not give possibility to work all necessary zones of a human body. The result from procedures is saved not for long. A bearing curvature - a serious problem from which suffers affliction not only aesthetic perception of shape of the person, but also its health. To solve a problem of a stomach, waists and bearings simultaneously till now it was impossible.

the Modern medicine has stepped for a long time forward. Today there were devices which are capable to influence all muscles of a body simultaneously.

They will correct a figure and will clean superfluous fat there where it is necessary. It is Enough to do pair of simple exercises two - three times a week. Slightly having changed the device program, it is possible to help and a bearing. A miracle - proof-readers will restore and will develop muscles of a back which bear responsibility for a backbone. And it is the main regulator of activity of the person.

- problems with a backbone is not only the malposture, - continues the doctor. - sometimes the centre of gravity is displaced, the weight is distributed incorrectly. In an organism problem zones or fatty traps are formed. There is a puffiness, fatigue and headaches.

I to itself the trainer

In any training is important psychological interest. Carrying out exercises, at times it seems that you do monotonous and tiresome work. It quickly beats off ohotku to employment. Result - zero. To transform training into fascinating action - dream of many experts in fitness. Passion appears when the person himself can supervise the efforts. You co-ordinate work of muscles with a brain, reflexes co-operate at level of the higher nervous activity. Such training improves muscular balance. In an everyday life position of your body will be physiologically correct.

the scoliosis is easier to prevent

Not a secret that the correct bearing contributes in high-grade blood supply head and a spinal cord. That, in turn, stimulates their work and reduces fatigue. It is important, so far as concerns children.

- in Krasnoyarsk region today more than 3000 children are sick of a scoliosis of various severity level, 11341 schoolboy has bearing infringement, - orthopedic surgeon Vladimir BAEV speaks. - At any degree of a curvature of a backbone it is necessary to support certain style of life. Sports, swimming - here that should become the main things in life skolioznika. In water loading sharply decreases for a backbone also it has a rest. To achieve similar result it is possible and by means of devices of new generation. During employment deep muscles of a backbone of the child are stimulated, the back becomes stronger. The steady muscular skeleton holds vertebras, without allowing to deviate it in this or that party. The scoliosis for such child is not terrible.