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Write the letter to aliens!

and it will be stored at height of 20 thousand kilometres one million years and, probably, will reach the addressee

this week to Baikonur have sent first six letters of Krasnoyarsk citizens in space. Placed on the Zheleznogorsk navigating companion Glonass they will orbit on December, 25th. From the first space mail descendants (or aliens?) Learn about Zheleznogorsk scientifically - production association of applied mechanics (three plates), its founder Michael Reshetneve, designer Victor Tchebotaryov and Institute of computing modelling.

by the way, the leading design engineer of companions Victor Tchebotaryov - the author of idea of space letters, on the information plate has offered the project of a stable space calendar.

- when - nibud descendants will want to return space vehicles to the Earth and learn from our letters a lot of interesting, - Victor Evdokimovich considers. - it is possible, there will be also a science - space archeology.

to remind of itself through one million years want about one and a half tens Krasnoyarsk organisations. If will carry, they can place on a plate in the size 120x260 mm any graphics image and the text (no more than 500 signs).

- a leah It is possible to send a declaration of love in space? - I am interested.

- The Destiny of each letter is solved by Advice on information plates, - the director of Fund " explains; Memory of Reshetneve Michael Baranov. - placings on a noncommercial basis it is possible, if the letter contains the information on mother Earth and a human civilisation, space education, activity of the enterprises and people in the field of space. So the declaration of love hardly will pass.

besides the information from private persons is accepted only on a commercial basis. And service cost is defined individually. To the enterprises and the organisations it is easier: if the information is worthy interest through one million years, they will pay only expenses for manufacturing and placing of information plates - about two thousand roubles.


Demands for space letters are accepted by Fund Memory of Reshetneve to the address: 662972, Krasnoyarsk region, BUT Zheleznogorsk, Zheleznogorsk, Pushkin`s street, 32. Ph. (39197 6 - 42 - 20. A fax (39197 2 - 15 - 10. E - a mail: chebotarev@npopm. ru, usmanov@npopm. ru.