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The book about Krasnoyarsk

In number for November, 11th we is necessary to children have written that in children`s library of N.Ostrovsky have let out the book Legends and legends of Krasnoyarsk region . It has appeared, the subject stirs many.

We were called by Svetlana Fisunova, the director of district library of settlement of Tour:

- Help to buy the book Legends and legends of Krasnoyarsk region . Asked in shops, but to us it did not arrive. The library with pleasure would get five copies. Evenki children well know and love history both native Tours, and Krasnoyarsk region. Many legends from the book are in our archives. But the collection of legends would be very convenient for kids. In the answer we can share legends on Evenkii for the following edition.

the second call was from Elena Moiseevoj.

- I the homemaker and itself nurture a five years` daughter, - Elena Sergeevna speaks. - I try to develop the child of the house, I buy children`s books, abc-books, I am reserved by encyclopaedias. Natashenka only starts to read and very much likes to listen to fairy tales. Having learnt about the book Legends we have gone to shop. To us have explained that it left in small circulation and all copies have ended. Where it to find? More often to go to library it would not be desirable.

We were converted to Zoe Gorbunovoj, the director of children`s library of Ostrovsky.

- legends and legends did not arrive in edge shops, - Zoe Semenovna has explained. - the Circulation in 200 copies has appeared is too small. Now we collect offers from schools and libraries. As soon as we will type 1000 copies, we will let out still. While the book can be bought only from us in library to the address: street Surikova, 2.

Sergey`s nedelina Photo.