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In Kansk the suffered has rushed to a pursuit of the thief

And in Minusinsk the son has killed mother for the soup spilt on a floor

Funny criminal incident from a series Help itself has occurred one of these days in Kansk. In the evening on November, 18th criminal Sergey N has pulled out from hands 27 - the summer girl a ladies` handbag and has rushed nautek. The girl has appeared not shy ten. Having stopped poputku, she has explained a situation to the driver and together with it has gone to a pursuit of the malefactor. Situations observing of development citizens operatively have called militia, and the thief has been detained by dress PPS. The returned handbag became compensation for participation in capture of the thief for the victim.

monstrous murder on motive has occurred in Minusinsk. In one of private sector houses the corpse of the pensioner 1926 - go year of birth has been found out. The woman has died from cranial - a brain trauma. Militiamen have detained suspected - the unemployed 54 - the summer son lost. On a question that became a cause of the murder of own mother, the man has given out shocking explanation - in a state of intoxication it began to beat the old woman that it has poured a soup plate on a floor. Most likely, the murderer will pass is judicial - psychiatric examination. Investigation is conducted by Minusinsk interdistrict Office of Public Prosecutor.