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Leah will give to Yenisei a vessel?

for attraction of foreigners, and the main thing, their dollars and the euro, is necessary to Krasnoyarsk region new Anton Chekhov

In August of last year Yenisei has left the best steam-ship Anton Chekhov . However, ordinary Krasnoyarsk citizens have hardly suffered from it. For last nine years on its board they happened infrequently: the liner served foreign tourists. After bankruptcy of firm which is a lot of years successively delivered to Krasnoyarsk region rather well-to-do foreigners, it has appeared what replace their Russians cannot: cruise cost is too high. The steam-ship have stolen to Volga, and Yenisei remained without comfortable courts.

right after sales Chekhov Krasnoyarsk citizens at meetings with governor Hloponinym asked often, a leah will be to it replacement.

- certainly, will be, even it is even better, - Alexander Gennadievich has firmly promised.

Besides prestige, the future leader of the Yenisei river fleet should provide and inflow of foreigners to our corner of the world.

- in 2003 on Chekhov foreign tourists was to 40 %, - the manager of travel agency " speaks; Djula - tour unique tour operator in edge, organising cruises over Yenisei, Tatyana Bogomolova. - By the steam-ship Alexander Matrosov them no more than 5 %. The matter is that to this steam-ship already half a century, and on it only two cabins it is possible to name comfortable. At all the others - conveniences on a deck. It is clear that in such Spartan conditions foreigners not begin to travel.

meanwhile river cruises all become more popular in the tourist market of Europe. To Krasnoyarsk tour operators there to offer while there is nothing. And consequently they want to receive in long-term rent or to get comfortable enough vessel. In this connection the Association of the tourist organisations of Krasnoyarsk region (AsTOK) was converted into management of external relations of administration with the request to keep development in edge of river cruises popular all over the world.

is very interesting project, - the deputy chief of department of external relations Andrey Uzhva considers. - the Edge needs development of entrance tourism, and kruiznoe the direction in particular has huge potential. We will make all necessary for realisation of this plan.

Anatoly BELONOGOV`S photo.

By the way

last year for 12 - day travel to Dudinka and back by the steam-ship Alexander Matrosov it was necessary to pay 19000 - 37800 roubles. For the same route on Chekhov - 800 - 1330 euros.