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Three balls for three minutes

the Match with Baikal - Energy has brought to Yenisei the first victory

It seemed, after neutral result in game with Khabarovsk SKA - the Oil industry worker in many respects caused by weak game Yenisei in first half of meeting, Krasnoyarsk citizens will consider the errors. But also the beginning of a match with Irkutsk Baikal - Energy (were a Sibskana ) Again has not pleased anybody, except our rivals.

the bill on 12 - j was opened to minute by Lomanov. To the middle of first half goal in gate Yenisei it was responded by the former team mate Kolosov. In the rest of the time fans frankly missed.

- that I have seen in the first time, it`s really too much, - the trainer " has shared; Yenisei Yury Ivans. - if I for a second have forgotten that before me Yenisei would decide that it play Sayan mountains . And this command the game quite often lead up me to consciousness loss (prior to the beginning of this season of Ivans headed Abakan club Sayan mountains ) .

Perhaps, from - for absence of game passions on one of tribunes other passions were heated. On an empty seat the drunk man has taken seat rather and has lighted (that on a hockey match not a rarity though the law on a smoking interdiction at stadiums nobody cancelled). The tobacco smoke got directly to the person to the sitting next woman. It has rebuked, which that has ignored. Only after intervention of the sitting next young man the malicious infringer retired under the peak of a tribune. But after some minutes the bravado, the wounded self-esteem and fair quantity of alcohol in blood, probably, have got the best of prudence. Anticipating revenging, with words Well you, we will go we will understand in private! it began to cling the the offender . That, fortunately, was not so aggressive and has not given in on children`s provocations of type well you che, not the muzhik? . The guy and " did not undertake; on weak . At last the raged fan have disciplined some number of sitting spectators and one of people in the civilian, keeping order. the selector of truth have withdrawn from tribunes. But and it came to pass it has returned. SHmygaja the broken nose, the rebel has quietly looked through a match and like even never would light.

as dared a problem of the first time during a break - only those who was at this time in a locker room " precisely know; Yenisei . According to Yury Ivanov, the business was made by an appeal: Muzhiks, forward! and easy pressure upon patriotism. The method is simple and, if to judge on game, is effective enough.

as well as in a Sunday match with SKA - the Oil industry worker hockey players Yenisei have given out very dense on productivity a goal piece. After removal of two players of visitors three balls have been driven in their gate with a difference in a minute performed by Lomanova, Sadovsky and Zavidovsky. On 71 - j to minute Lomanov precisely beats a penalty - 5:1.

Having comfortable advantage in the bill, players Yenisei nevertheless have allowed rivals to intercept the initiative in the end of a match. Counter attacks Baikal - Energy came to the end with corner kicks more often. Vratarsky qualities of Borisjuka were tested so many that by the end of a match spectators scanned only his name. As it has appeared, knowingly - any angular and has not been hammered. Though for the sake of justice it is necessary to notice that for two games of the championship the home team at all did not realise any angular.

Sergey`s nedelina photo.

Direct speech:

Yury IVANOV, the trainer Yenisei :

- More recently I spoke: As it is healthy Yenisei punches and plays . And here first two games of the championship, and we literally as cut off Any exact angular. With what it is connected, is not clear yet.