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Krasnoyarsk fans have presented to Anton Zatsepin pants!

manufacturers have complained that at them from concerts

the roof goes To Krasnoyarsk manufacturers of the fourth flood have arrived on Friday night. In the morning near hostel Krasnoyarsk the crowd of little girls was on duty: everyone would like to be photographed with stars. The concert passed on Saturday at four o`clock in the afternoon.

- organizers thought that we can collect in your city two halls, - has explained fabrikantka Natalia Poljansky, - therefore so early also have appointed a concert, but spectators it was not typed

Concert tour includes two hundred cities. manufacturers admit that cannot remember geography of performances at all.

- we are engaged in interesting business, - has explained fabrikantka Victoria Bogoslavsky, - but from all these tours already a roof goes!

the finalist of the fourth Factories Anton Zatsepin enjoyed wide popularity of Krasnoyarsk fans. Schoolgirl Katya has broken to the substitute and has handed over an unusual gift - boxer shorts and a card with a condom.

- same the present Kama Sutra for lambs! - the star manufacturer examined pants, - lately only and say that Anton Zatsepin has had a ball. It is truth: I always such was! Yes, I the ladies` man, the party-goer and the brawler, but the good guy.

one month ago in Moscow have blown up Peugeot - 206 which Anton Zatsepin has received for the participation in to Factory of stars - 4 . The young singer has presented this car to the spouse Ljube Hvorostininoj who is conducting Muz - TV. And the girl after rupture has refused to return a red car to Anton.

- as - that has read that to Factories I together with Stasom Pyekha was engaged in drug-dealing, and the car have blown up podelniki to which I should money, - Anton Zatsepin shares. - Actually all is much easier. The car was blown up by my former spouse to receive the insurance. Now I have legal proceedings with it.

after a concert manufacturers have stayed all night long in a hostel bar Krasnoyarsk .

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Anton Zatsepin about flower sculptures on Kopylov:

- Cool! in one city there are no green elephants!