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Krasnoyarsk honours pupils have spent day with the governor

Alexander Hloponin has constrained the promise given to winners of our competition the Anniversary diary - together to go on HYDROELECTRIC POWER STATION

We rolled in Divnogorsk by the governor`s bus, cars pressed close to a roadside, and employees of traffic police were extended on strunke and saluted.

the governor has joined children on a viewing point, has tested schoolboys about Victor Astafeva`s creativity and without superfluous conversations has ordered:

- Well - have sent on errands on HYDROELECTRIC POWER STATION!

having changed from the Mercedes in our bus, the governor has arranged to children examination in mathematics. Hloponin even has proved the theorem of Pifagora, ischerkav bloknotik eleventh-graders 23 - j Inna Knjazkovoj`s schools.

Except logic problems the governor has discussed the last scientific conference with senior pupils and as proof of progress has shown the mobile phone - folding bed Motorola, thin, as a school writing-book.

Alexander Hloponin as the true gentleman, helped young ladies to remove outer clothing and gave a hand, leaving the bus.

Driving by Roeva a stream children have taken an interest, whence Alexander Gennadievich has brought a polar bear. The governor has told about a Petersburg origin of Sedova and has informed in secret that thinks to bring to a bear the girl-friend

On HYDROELECTRIC POWER STATION us general director Sergey Kaminsky armed with the facts from 30 - a summer history of station has met. Hloponin has asked Kaminsky to allow to rise to children on a dam crest. Children were delighted and have asked the governor to be photographed for memory:

- That behind the back there was a dam, as on a ten-rouble denomination!

after a photo Hloponin was has decided to say goodbye, but schoolboys took the governor in a ring and have not let out, yet did not take the promise that it not last meeting.

- in the end of the year we will go in Shushensky if will study on the five. Still something else will think up - be converted in Sergey nedelina.

By the way

the Problem from Hloponina

from the governor we have not solved This artful riddle. Try you!

there are two identical banks with water. In the first to bank put one amoeba, in the second - two. Amoebas drink water and every minute breed division. In an hour of an amoeba fill bodily the first to bank. Through what time of an amoeba will fill completely the second to bank?

the first pupil who has responded correctly, will receive a firm T-shirt and the handle! Call today, on November, 23rd, from 17 o`clock till 18 o`clock.


Competition the Anniversary diary proceeds!

take in it part all schoolboys, conditions - former can: as much as possible pjaterok in thy anniversary diary. Results we will bring in the end of the year. And we will consider the five for one of months of academic year. For what? We will not tell! That you did not relax all year!