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Buy a case - the Savior

Krasnoyarsk citizens have got acquainted with new system of security

the Purpose of the new adaptation - to help people with non-standard situation to survive. Developers consider a locker as the best means at a fire, failures, acts of nature, acts of terrorism, other extreme situations in a life and manufacture.

the case is built in even in the course of apartment or office furnish and is almost imperceptible. Into the complete set enters eight subjects, called to save life to associates in any situation.

a fire hose, in common people a hose it is necessary for fire extinguishing. Naturally, the case settles down near to a water source. In the same fire-prevention purposes into the complete set enter bed curtains which cover a burning surface and the gloves impregnated with fireproof structure. Besides, the case is completed by shone sticks, the first-aid set, gvozdoderom, a gas mask and the trigger complete set for evacuation through a window from any floor.

The case Is made for rescue Chance Open Company Arnica it is exhibited on to Krasnoyarsk fair . The invention is well-known for that it has countenanced the Ministry of Emergency Measures in the name of Sergey Shojgu.