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I on darling so skipped That the friend to it has broken!

how to save man`s health? From - for what there can be an impotence? Than genital traumas are dangerous? The Krasnoyarsk doctor responds to questions - urologist Evgenie Staroseltsev

Descended in banku, do not expostulate on the wife

On the statistican, sexual powerlessness 20 % of all men suffer affliction. The impotence can come at any age. The main reason - infections, sexually transmitted. Hlamidii and trichomonads can live for years in the most expensive man`s body - prostate and in any way itself not to show, and then suddenly do the man by the invalid.

- Victor the decent family man, - tells Evgenie Vitalevich, - they live in perfect harmony six years with Elena. And suddenly failure in bed, then one more... The wife suspects change, the husband too of doubts, a family on grane disintegration. I explain that it is necessary for man to make tests on an infection.

- whence?! - The patient is indignant. - We with the wife never each other have changed?

- but the dangerous liaison could be before acquaintance to the spouse.

- then why till now I fine felt myself?.

in it and insidiousness of a sleeping infection. It can be provoked easily. Have sat on a cold stone, poparilis in banke with beer, have overtired. Immunity is weakened - the infection has had an effect. to present the same trichomoniasis to you the girlfriend and - youth errors could fifteen years ago. That sexual possibilities were restored, it is necessary to be treated as soon as possible.

want change of impressions - be not overzealous

- Once during night watch the man with a penis dislocation has arrived, - Staroseltsev continues. - I try to find out circumstances, the patient is silent. In a corridor the chubby spouse is stirred small growth. I ask it to explain, what`s happened. It has appeared, to them has bored to make love in the usual way. Alternatively the woman has risen on a stool and has jumped on the husband lying on a bed. To disconnect the nervous terminations in a small basin, unfortunate have made a prick in a backbone. Body to the man have rescued, but in 90 % cases after such traumas the impotence threatens.

man`s worthiness in zakalivanii does not need

- it seemed to Oleg to temper all organism not enough. The guy has decided to improve the genitals. The good fellow on a frost poured moshonku ice water and has got to hospital with a sharp prostatitis. Treatment was long and difficult. At the young man infections about which he did not know have become aggravated and was never treated. After an extract a normal potentiality 18 - to the summer guy of the doctor did not guarantee.

do not sacrifice a member

- the Young man have brought to a hospital with a purulent infection of a genital, - Evgenie Vitalevich, - in what the reason tells, the man did not speak. Only after a while it was possible to learn that has occurred. It has appeared, the guy has come recently from army. In a battalion where it ministered, soldiers more to satisfy the woman, practise the following. At first methodically hollow a spoon on a member. The body grows dumb, as at a narcosis. Then do a small cut and insert a metal ball. Friends assured Andrey that the foreign matter should leave itself and no trouble in it is not present. But happens differently - the suppuration threatened with a blood poisoning. The guy was rescued by urgent operation. Chances of healthy sexual life at Andrey practically are not present.

it is frequent even adult conscious men do not trust the secret problems to doctors.

- till now I worry about one patient, - Staroseltsev tells. - Vladimir has got to branch with a purulent inflammation jaichek. The infection already has extended above. Operation was unique way to help the patient. But the man has refused and has insisted on an extract from hospital. That with it now - it is not known.

On a note

Prostata - the second heart of the man, in it is a lot of receptors, contains only in a brain more.

prostatitis first signs - pains in a bottom of a stomach and promezhnosti, complicated and speeded up mocheispuskanie.