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To Boris Grebenshchikovu Stolby have not obeyed

But the leader the Aquarium has fascinated all Krasnoyarsk citizens the songs

Group the Aquarium has given in Krasnoyarsk two concerts: at opera and ballet theatre and in night club Che Guevara . Musicians in star hostel " have stopped; Krasnoyarsk .

Grebenshchikov of veins in a suite has asked one of the greatest numbers that in it it was possible to gather all group and to discuss the program. After anshlagovogo a concert at opera and ballet theatre Grebenshchikov with group the Aquarium have gone to have a rest in a sauna, and have rushed off on Columns in the morning. The rock-climber from BG has turned out unimportant. But the minimum great alternativshchik has executed the program - has stood at a foot of the well-known rocks.

a concert in to Che Guevara was late on half an hour. All this time admirers stood a dense ring on a dancing to be closer to a scene. Boris Grebenshchikov has been dressed in jeans, a white shirt and a red jacket.

- a frock coat at it it is exact from Thai silk, - the neigbour in a dancing has whispered, - I on a texture of threads see

After the first songs someone from admirers have loudly shouted:

- BG Forever!

Grebenshchikov there and then has modestly smiled:

- Well, it is not necessary to exaggerate

For a year of work of night club at one concert there were no so much spectators.

- I knew that atmosphere in to Che Guevara will be sincere, - Boris Borisovich has explained, - at opera and ballet theatre me with a hall the orchestra pit

divided the Concert lasted almost two hours. Grebenshchikov has taken the leave and has disappeared with musicians behind side scenes, but Krasnoyarsk citizens were not going to disperse. Rhythmical music which has included di - dzhej has not helped even. Admirers continued to scan:

- BG! BG! BG!

Musicians have responded to the request and two more songs have sung.

after performance Grebenshchikov with Aquarium have gone to have supper in a bar the Suitcase . Boris Borisovich as present bonvivan, appreciates good kitchen, wine and cigars. On vesper meal BG has chosen wine Chateau Palmer and Gaja Barbaresco . From dishes - a penalty of a lamb. Has finished a supper as it and is necessary, expensive Cuban cigar La Unica Torpedo .

is an extraordinary person, - the victualer of a network of institutions " has told to us; the Suitcase Dmitry Stepanov. - in it it is easily combined high and simple. For example, Boris Borisovich at first tells about travel to India to the guru Sai to the Woman and there and then can speak about new T-shirts for a concert...

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By the way

From BG have hidden girls

a scene Back in night club Che Guevara it is decorated by seductive beauties in style pin - up. Out of respect for the master before a concert Aquarium juicy photos have stuck with covers of albums fate - groups. This detail has pleasantly surprised Boris Grebenshchikova.