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In “ to Che Guevara “ have killed the Black

During week-end Krasnoyarsk listened to group “ the Forbidden drummers “

Musicians come to us already in the second time and again lodge in hostel “ Krasnoyarsk “.

- I look out in a window, and circle of the little girl in the Morning! - the director and the author of texts " tells; ZB “ Ivan Trofimov. - Thought, excursion any. It has appeared, “ Factory of stars “ with tours has arrived. Our sound producer too went to them the autograph to take …

In “ CHe “ drummers have fulfilled two hours. At spectators the smash hit " used special success; Have killed the Black “.

is now all us on this song learn, - Ivan Trofimov explains. - And there was time that anybody and anywhere did not want to twist it, even for money! Us accused of kindling international break a set. Brad - we it is good to Blacks we concern. What claims can be? We never maintained them!

musicians have a familiar Afro-American who rather ironically conceives this hit. Without any offences and claims. By the way, this group is very popular in Ukraine.

the most part of musicians “ ZB “ - rostovchane. Seven years ago the director of group has visited the familiar fortuneteller. providitsa has directly told that the next two years of anything at it it will not turn out.

- I have all the same jerked to Moscow, - Trofimov remembers. - I had a wife on the ninth month of pregnancy and two hundred dollars in a pocket.

Ivan`s texts nobody took, and it worked as the loader of ice-cream. Only in two years of business at it have gone uphill.

- since then to fortunetellers I do not go, - Trofimov explains, - a leah is not enough, that they will think up, and you program yourself, as the idiot...

the concert of drummers lasted two hours. All this time for a scene was passed by notes: admirers admitted feelings to favourite group or asked to sing a song.

- The note Once has come: “ I the effective blonde in a white sweater. Do not wish to get acquainted? “ - soloist Victor Pivtorypavlo laughs. - it has appeared, one journalist very much wanted to interview us. Quite good maneuver, yes?

After performance “ drummers “ have gone to have supper in a bar “ the Suitcase “. Here Ivan Trofimov, the great admirer of Rugby football, has met the same zealous fan. Krasnoyarsk citizen Alexander so wanted to meet with “ drummers “ that searched for musicians on all city. Fans of Rugby football not only have drunk for a meeting, but also have exchanged clothes: to Moscow Trofimov has left in regbijnoj to a vest.


Ivan Trofimov, the director of group “ the Forbidden drummers “:

- the Word at you, in Krasnoyarsk, new have learnt - malenko. Funny Siberians speak: “ You malenko mnogovato have poured “!!!

In the meantime

Krasnoyarsk women of fashion became witches

the Party from “ Vouge Atelier “ has collected in a coffee house “ the Cream of Coffee the Hall “

to All visitors effective accessories from the feathers, created by the Moscow theatrical artist Jasej Rasikovoj, known for the suits to a musical " suggested to try on lovers of stylish features and novelties; Istviksky witches “. At first girls only modestly tried on a boa and brooches, but have then begun to enjoy and have tried on all collection from feathers.

- it is pleasant to feel itself in a role of the main heroine of a sensational musical, - visitor Ljuba Rakipova has explained, - in a month we will meet year of the Cock - every possible plumelets will be very actual!

a quiz “ ΡLUBνθκθ “

As well as promised, we sum up a quiz:

1. “ the Labyrinth “.

2. 23.

3. “ Nautilus “.

Larissa Torbaeva became the Winner. In these days off Larissa will light in club “ the Orange “. For a new portion of questions search in following release “ CLUBνθκθ “.

the Poster “ CLUBνθκθ “

Where we will curl?

on November, 25th

in 22. 00 - group performance “ Azazzel “ in night club “ Che Guevara “.

In 22. 00 - a party “ Night Faculty “ in night club “ Gagarin “.

22. 00 - a party “ collection Display - 2005 - a boutique the Fashion plaza “ in night club “ the Labyrinth “.

the Next party from a project series “ Feshn Klab Knight “.

on November, 26th

In 22. 00 - “ FREAK - TRANS - SEXY SHOW “ in night club “ the Labyrinth “.

In 22. 00 - a party “ Marlboro Red Racing “ in night club “ the Pilot.

a thematic interior, the Moscow dancers, show - the program and interesting gifts.

participate: dj Suhov and Aram Montana.

an input: 250 - 300 roubles.

in 22. 00 - a party “ OLMECA party “ in night club “ Che Guevara “.

the group " Acts; Boogey Botles “ (Novosibirsk).

In 22. 00 - show “ And - LJA FRANCE “ in night club “ the Koloradsky father “.

On this party you can plunge into the mysterious world of France.

an input: 250 - 300 roubles.

on November, 27th

In 22. 00 - dj Nick Hodgkins (England) in night club “ the Labyrinth “.

In 22. 00 - presentation of the ending of competition “ Model of year-2004 “ in night club “ Che Guevara “.

Target evening will pass by you if you do not see the most beautiful girls of Krasnoyarsk. For you incendiary music and rhythmical dances.

in 22. 00 - show “ And - LJA FRANCE “ in night club “ the Koloradsky father “.

On this party you can plunge into the mysterious world of France.

an input: 250 - 300 roubles.

on November, 28th

22. 00 - evening of guitar music in night club “ Che Guevara “.

22. 00 - a Masonic feast in an erotic bar “ the Lighter “.

to Members of Masonic lodge and owners attribute of a freemasonry - free, all the rest it is necessary to lay out an input on 200 roubles.