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you work much and want to save reliably the earned money or even to increase. How it to make?

Where it is more reliable to store money - in currency, but under a pillow, or in roubles, but in bank? If to store money in dollars or house euro, them, at least, can steal. If you have a certain sum of currency it is better to put it in bank. It will insure you and from the losses connected with inflation. If the dollar is stable, your sum will grow up . If it falls, losses will cover percent. Leave money of the house and they will be to thaw from - for rate fluctuations. If you have the solid sum, let us assume, in 100 thousand roubles, experts advise a part from them to put on the rouble contribution, and a part to translate in euro or dollars and to put on the currency.

what there are contributions?

Contributions share on urgent and poste restante . The fixed deposit means that you have put money for any precisely stipulated term during which cannot conditionally take away them from bank. Actually it is not forbidden, but in this case you lose percent. Not all, of course, but the rate can decrease and ten times. If the sum rather small, you has the right to come and terminate simply the contract with bank.

contributions happen filled up or are not present. In some banks the preschedule response of a part contributions with preservation of percent for term, which your money already " is provided; worked on bank. Contributions poste restante exist not so much for preumnozhenija, how much for storage of money. Means can be removed from them at any moment. Interest rates on such contributions are minimum. A leah

it is possible to earn on the contribution?

it is possible to Earn on long-term rouble and currency contributions. They give the highest rates. As a rule, in Krasnoyarsk banks it is possible to open the contribution for a period of 2 years is the biggest term. A present tendency - banks gradually reduce rates under contributions. But if you have put money for 2 years under 10 percent, and a month later the bank has lowered the rate to 8,5 percent, the rate under personally your contribution will not decrease, as the bank has no right to reduce the rate under already issued contributions. You receive in the put term the of 10 percent. The faster you issue the contribution, the it is more chance to earn. Besides, it is necessary to read attentively the contract, some long contributions provide interest rate change.

there are contributions with small term - some months. But it is possible to prolong them automatically some time. However if the rate under the contribution has gone down, for the following term your contribution will go with the new rate.

advice from

How to choose the contribution?

At a contribution choice it is possible to make a start from, a leah this money be required to you in the near future. If save money on large purchase - the car or apartment, choose the long-term contribution and the filled up contribution. For 2 years the sum will increase, and you can buy the house is more spacious or a car more youngly . If you assume that any part is required to you, break the sum into 2 parts - one put for the big term, and another - for some months. You can always prolong it. To put the large sums, estimated hundreds thousand roubles, for 3 months it is illogical.

by the way

New Year`s surprises from banks

the Majority of banks of Krasnoyarsk have already offered clients New Year`s products: Christmas contributions with the interesting conditions raised by rates and draws of prizes, special New Year`s actions. We will in detail tell about it in following release the Lucrative post On December, 9th.

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