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What will be with the prices in December

Most of all delicacies and fruit


Trolley buses will rise in price will go empty?

the Public transport breathes in a nape to the commercial: since December, 1st the price for the ticket in trolley buses, buses and trams will grow up to five roubles. The corresponding decision is already signed. The new tariff will operate in all territory of edge.

- journey to commercial transport will not change, - has assured us Tatyana KRYLOV, the chief of regional committee of the prices. - though statements in this respect regularly arrive in committee. The rise in prices for oil products will not affect journey to minibuses, at least, within two next months.

gardeners - to fans do not need to be put once again on native fazendy. The ticket for electric trains last month year will rise in price on the average for 12 % - depending on a zone.

will come to see nonresident relatives to Krasnoyarsk citizens favourably till December, 12th. The ticket price in the reserved seat and general car will fall to 11 %, in compartment and sleeping - on 5 %. By the way, will meet New year in a way especially favourably: on December, 31st the railway promises a total slump of prices on journey to trains of the distant message.

home appliances

TVs become closer to the people

That who was not prodigal last months and has managed podkopit money for the TV, the furnace of the microwave oven or the washing machine, - it is a high time to make purchase. By the end of the year discounts in large shops of home appliances will reach 10 - 15 %. The economy for buyers is available. As well as benefit for manufacturers of technics and their dealers which profit directly depends on quantity of sales.


Time to collect brilliants

the Slump of prices on chains - ringlets will not be. But every possible discounts, especially on bagatelles with brilliants, will offer almost all large jewelry stores. Fans of jewelry can save on holiday sales 5 - 10 %.

the Costume jewellery too does not remain without attention of buyers. The raised demand will not be reflected in the price.


Cognac will strike on a purse

Forecasts of experts about white are optimistical: its stock in warehouses likerno - vodka distilleries is great - God grant for half a year to drink. So the prices for vodka hardly will rise, as well as on import wines. And here drinks of type of cognac and champagne, as usual by the end of the year, will rise in price percent for five. And price lists will start to change in the first decade of December. It is necessary to make, probably, jog on shops within the next few days, without waiting holiday days. Then strong drinks will be swept away from counters on any, the most inconceivable, the price.


the People will lean on delicacies

To be reserved red ikorkoj better now. (To black - that in the winter that not to be risen in the summer.) The price for it will steadily grow. 140 - the gramme jar salmon, twirled on Sakhalin, will jump from 150 roubles to two hundred. Mussels, oysters and other seafood will not lag behind caviar and red fish. Dealers know: Krasnoyarsk citizens want to meet New year fully armed and are ready to lay out for delicacies any money. That is why the prices before a feast unscrupulously excite.

boiled sausage will rise in price slightly, no more than on 5 - 10 roubles. It is connected with last rise in prices for pork and beef - the basic component of any good sausage. But smoked products will arrange competition: who is more expensive. Race, as usual, will win Viennese and the Cervelat especially popular in the people. The price for them, and also on a meat nut a boiled pork or a neck by the end of December will grow on 10 %.

Candies - baranochki

the Pudding from macaroni: Cheap but good

Chocolate and sweets, unfortunately, can rise in price percent on 10. It is connected with a rise in prices for raw materials. The filbert, keshju, almonds without which any sweet prize does not manage today, has risen in price on 15 - 20 %, the peanut too is tightened to colleagues. Suppliers import kakaoproduktov have already informed that in the near future can triple the prices. Packing for sweets will not fall in price also. Nevertheless Joint-Stock Company Kraskon the basic supplier of chocolates on the market of Krasnoyarsk, is not going to frighten townspeople the prices.

- we will not spoil mood to Krasnoyarsk citizens, - has assured us Gelja Ermakova, the group economist of the enterprise. - the prices will gradually rise, and the buyer of it practically will not feel.

that remains without changes so it is cost of macaroni, a spaghetti and figured rozhek. The price for a flour strongly holds the positions.

Fruit and vegetables

Load oranges butts

Oranges and tangerines will pretend to be touchy persons by last decade December is time of the basic stocks provisions of Krasnoyarsk citizens. Rise in price level is unpredictable: from 15 to 50 percent. With occurrence in region of the first burzhuev counters of shops zapestreli pineapples, a mango, cocoes Having tried out exotic, Krasnoyarsk citizens have registered it on the festive tables. Overseas miracles will arrive to a city already to the middle of month, their price will be above usual on 3 - 5 %.

the Joke in a subject

- Me have told: as you will meet New year so it and you will spend, - one lady shares with the girlfriend. - I have borrowed money, have bought delicacies, have arranged a smart supper

- And what?

- Then paid off all year!