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Have a rest on vacation with

newspaper Edition in honour of 70 - letija Krasnoyarsk region has decided to arrange a feast for young inhabitants of Krasnojarja - all the day entertainments for all class. You can visit the most interesting places of our city, take part in cheerful competitions and receive remarkable prizes.

Here that we for you have thought up:

- from November, 15th till December, 15th starts the School subscription marathon .

Participation is accepted by all schools of a city.

competition conditions

From November, 19th till December, 10th inclusive in each Friday release the questions of a quiz devoted stories of native land which were prepared by Krasnoyarsk museum of local lore will be printed. Respond all class to questions, in an original way make out answers, and you halfway to victory.

From November, 15th till December, 15th in any post office of a city issue a semi-annual subscription to Friday release to the home address, on a special school index - 176. Only since November, 15th and only on December, 15th the special reduced price 250,98 rbl. given FGUP " operates; Mail of Russia .

the Class which correctly answered all questions of a quiz and has issued most of subscriptions, receives during winter vacation all the day entertainments. And it means:

- excursion in Krasnoyarsk museum of local lore;

- excursion in flora and fauna park Roev a stream ;

- excursion to a viewing point;

- tasting of the best sweets of factory Kraskon ;

- fascinating competitions on paths of bowling - the centre Space ;

- karaoke competition;

- tickets in one of the best city cinemas Epicentre ;

- A photo album with pictures of the brightest instants of this day from Kodak the Humming-bird ;

- souvenirs and gifts from travel company Ariadna - tour the service centre Kodak - mail the help in carrying out of excursions from the company Fate plus .

Children, we have received some letters, but pay attention to take part in competition, it is necessary: to collect the subscriptions and together with answers to ALL questions of a quiz (it is desirable in an original way and is interesting issued) to bring or send till December, 17th in edition to the address:

660022, Krasnoyarsk, Nikitin`s street, 3 .

Celebratory summarising will take place in Museum of local lore on December, 21st in 16. 00.

the Class teacher, whose class will win in competition, becomes the owner of a cellular telephone.

The School, which class becomes the winner, will receive an excellent gift from our partner of book-selling firm Liteks .

you can set questions Interesting you by phone (3912 59 - 17 - 74.

Participate and conquer!

Questions to competition the School subscription marathon :

1. When there was a first school in the city of Krasnoyarsk?

2. Who was the first director of teacher`s seminary?

3. Name five types of the educational educational institutions existing in territory of the Yenisei province in a XIX-th century?