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In Kuban have returned star old men

In many respects giving thanks to it the command has hammered in 4 meek goals

Though day of game with the outsider of the first battalion Krasnoyarsk the Metallurgist has dropped out on target, the stadium was thin. It already became a habitual picture on matches Kuban . But, unlike the previous duels, on Monday was on what to look. In - the first, we have hammered in 4 meek goals, and in - the second, some stars " have in the field returned at once; Kuban .

fans Were tired of waiting, and it is even more fanatki, the favourite Vitalik Kaleshina. As - that our halfback suspiciously long was ill. In fan circles even hearings have spread that the football player has fallen into disgrace of the new head coach. But all has appeared where more prosy - usual restoration after a trauma. There was Vitaly only in the second time and already has very soon given a goal pass on Asildarova.

By the way, the same day in the field of there was also another key kubanets - Andrey Topchu. It, as well as its friend on command, long departed from a trauma. But also on it surprises have not ended. On 75 - j left to minute the Bosnian Brazilian Rikardu Bajano. And the first touching of a ball from the penal has hammered in last, the fourth, a goal. To put it briefly, old men have not blundered.

Perhaps the trainer to Paul Jakovenko should let out the several more players wiping trousers on a bench? That look also the fifth goal would hammer.

In the meantime Kuban strong keeps the first line in standings. Our nearest rival Avant-guard lags behind on three points. The following match it is yellow - green otkatajut in Ekaterinburg where will meet with local Ural Mountains .