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The falcon marries the TV presenter?

the announcer 7 - go the channel Irina Burmakina is going to invite to wedding of all Krasnoyarsk journalists

For the first time star pair - zamgubernatora Sergey Sokol and the leader the Seventh channel Irina Burmakina - has appeared on public about one month back. They were noted in night club Che Guevara and some other pleasure institutions. Perspicacious smiishniki to this fact have reacted rough discussions in smoking-rooms and publications from the category improbably, but the fact . Girls have sighed a little: What man withdraw! - but hopes have not lost: today - Ira, tomorrow - I... And one of these days there were new hearings: the official and the TV presenter have put in the statement in the REGISTRY OFFICE! Crying and a gnashing of teeth of the beauties deceived in the expectations have swept across Krasnoyarsk.

- to everyone - the, - shrugs shoulders Burmakina which have fairly got prettier recently. - Officially, as the journalist and zamgubernatora, we are familiar year two since Gennady Hloponin represented mass-media of the assistants. And our relations - absolutely young.

the TV presenter estimates the present life on the five . The assumption that the high status of its friend, probably, disturbs to informal dialogue, sincerely her surprises:

- you consider, my status more low?

on a question, a leah they with the Falcon have put in the statement in the REGISTRY OFFICE, Irina mysteriously smiles:

- Almost. For people who are happy together, the formal piece of paper has no value.

by the way, obstacles for Sergey Mihajlovicha`s marriage are not present any: the age of the Christ (33 years), is well-founded (next year the salary zama Hloponina will grow with 18 to 45 thousand roubles a month), is dissolved, the five years` little son lives in Moscow

As to 24 - summer Irina hardly the marriage will prevent her career:

- I love the work, a broadcasting company. And on a broader scale, everything that I do, - I do with pleasure.

at last the Krasnoyarsk telestar has promised to invite journalistic conventual community to the wedding. When? This question while remains opened.