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We prepare and are raised

the Correspondent Someone has tested on itself(himself) recipes of erotic kitchen

eats more densely to fill the stomach, and someone wants to make more densely which - that else. The reasons for that can be different: age, uncertainty in the forces, desire to test something new When I have decided to test sexually stimulating foods, me, fortunately, moved the last.

Having attended to the given problem, I was imposed with specialised grants. In them oysters, chocolate (it is desirable with a glass of sweet wine), game, almonds, cinnamon, a celery, carrots with butter are heatedly extolled. The enemy of pleasure and a continuation of the family considers vinegar.

and still widespread recipes of preparation of the erotic dishes, which components zhivitelno make common cause on an organism only. I did not manage to overcome own curiosity, and we together with the girlfriend with own hand began to shape on kitchen the happiness three evenings on end. It was still interesting, than powerful force clearing up in such cases is called: secrets of a product or self-belief.

originally some have been ruthlessly removed from a heap of the found recipes, as my man`s stomach as it was found out, does not digest a liver, kidneys and heart, and at female an allergy to a citrus. Then on test, the method scientific tyka, us had been chose three recipes: one historical, one expensive, one idle time, in addition the liquid. Besides invaluable kulinarno - erotic experience we have received three remarkable possibilities for a romantic supper. For the sake of it already it was necessary to try. So, than each of feastings

the Recipe 1

the Royal activator

Greetings from the far monarchic past was remembered. According to a legend this dish king Louis XV resulted itself in alertness.

components: yolks (6 pieces), fibers (6 pieces), butter (100), vanillin (1 bag), almond baking (6 pieces) Granulated sugar (200).

we Prepare:

1. Yolks carefully get off with granulated sugar. Fibers are separately shaken up and mix up with yolks. Here add small iskroshennoe vanilla baking and all carefully mix.

2. To heat up a frying pan, to fuse on it butter and slightly to fry on it the prepared mix.

3. On a dish to strew vanillin, to divide into 2 parts and to submit to a table.


Perhaps, for three centuries evolution has unimaginably changed human physiology, and is possible, in our veins few blue royal blood. Especial majestic food has not given anything to us, except, actually, rather pleasant taste. Fortunately, ljudovikovskie 64 years at me behind horizon and its physiological problems yet do not bother. In general, instead of a small intimate feast ordinary week night has stood out.

the Recipe 2

Intimate podzharka

This entertainment is calculated on those who in pressing forward to well-being in intimate sphere will not stop before considerable financial expenses.

components: butter (25, a bulb (1/ 2 heads), a tarragon (2 table spoons), champagne (150 ml), the seasoned fillet of a salmon (2 pieces) Double cream (1/ 2 table spoons).

we Prepare:

1. To kindle in a frying pan butter and to fry the cut bulb and ½ a table spoon of a tarragon. To pour in champagne and to allow to boil away approximately on 1/ 2.

2. To add double cream and to filter.

3. To return in a frying pan, to add the remained tarragon. While sauce boils, to fry on a grill of a fillet of a salmon.


Golden mean for gourmets and erotomanov. Considerable money has been thrown knowingly. It is a pity that a product does not remain for the morning. Do not think bad - we had simply no objection to have breakfast it

By the way, intimate podzharka well goes with a young potato and the fried leek.

the recipe 3

Love juice

That who before appointment already densely attempted, it is possible to prepare a drink.

components: Dry leaves of a cowberry (1 teaspoon), grated beet (1 teaspoon), dry leaves of a sage (1 teaspoon), dry nettle (1 teaspoon), honey (1 teaspoon), walnut (1 piece) Dry berries of a bilberry (1 table spoon), water (5 glasses).

we Prepare:

1. The Walnut clear, a kernel cut and mix with other components, fill in with hot water, lead up to boiling and at once remove from fire.

2. Insist 10 - 15 minutes. Filter. Drink the warm.


All - taki is a pity poor Louis. Love juice would solve its problems to a meeting. After all even we unfamiliar with such difficulties, have forgotten about all on light of Ljudovikah and about all world around basically.

and still to repeat experiment with a drink to us it not wanted, because the main thing - quickly not our slogan. And taste at a soup is calculated on the fan...

the historical background

the First century of our era has left to us not only the Kama Sutra, but also recipes for trouble-free work in intimate branch. However, recommended to the use blood of a bat, a horn of a rhinoceros and other exotic medicines sometimes had not sexual consequences, and lethal.

conquistadors, the Spanish conquerors of the American continent, in pauses between military collisions ate avocado. This product was considered stimulating, and, probably, therefore pirates gained victories not only on military fronts.

Botanik Kulpepper living in a XVII-th century, traded in grasses and advertised an asparagus as an important component for excitation of passion both in the man, and in the woman. Unfortunately, we were reached by responses of consumers.

opinion of the expert

Sergey Haritonov the head physician andrologo - gynecologic clinic, a member of the Euroasian association of sexologists - andrologov:

- The Weight of the various information and prevalence of the Internet are at the bottom of that the patient later is converted to the doctor - to the expert in those problems which at it have arisen with a potentiality. Than earlier the person will be converted to the doctor and than earlier the absence reason erektsii will be found out, the help will be especially qualitatively and in due time rendered. The doctor, having found out the reason, can to someone and recommend a diet with the same oysters, cinnamon and other. But if the reasons erektilnoj dysfunction a diabetes, vascular diseases, hormonal infringements, erotic diets at the best do not bring advantage, and in the worst can and do much harm.