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About radiation level we learn from the Internet

In Krasnoyarsk scientifically - research institute of geology and mineral raw materials the monitoring system of radiating conditions in edge territory

the Monitoring system behind a radiating background to Krasnoyarsk citizens, of course, is developed is necessary - at least from - for the next Zheleznogorsk storehouses of a nuclear waste. Experts assure that more reliable kladovki in the world does not exist - the nuclear garbage is protected by a multimeter layer of basalt, but you never can tell

Here and the director of scientific research institute of geology Victor Sibgatullin has insisted on creation of seven control fasts - in Krasnoyarsk, Zheleznogorsk and Zelenogorske that the possible irradiation has not passed for inhabitants of edge not noticed. Gauges of control fasts collect the information, including about meteoconditions which influence radiation distribution.

the new monitoring system has managed regional administrations in 4,5 million roubles. For today the site project on the Internet with which help we can learn at any moment, how much in a city " is created; fonit .

As Sibgatulin has informed, in 2005 will be created 35 more control fasts. On these purposes in the edge budget 13,5 million roubles are provided.

the similar system in the Siberian federal district exists in the Tomsk region, however, by words zamgubernatora Andrey Gnezdilova, at us in edge it is better .