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Drivers beat inspectors of GAI

Off-schedule operation the Bus will last in Krasnoyarsk till December, 6th

Employees of traffic police of a city comprehensively check marshrutnikov: a technical status of buses and drivers, documents on the driving right, presence of checkup and other.

- I negatively concern such checks, - admitted Anatoly Kirillov, the owner of buses 17 - go and 19 routes. - they prevent to work to us. There is a simple way to lower breakdown susceptibility on roads: to dissolve parallel routes on different streets, to exclude duplication, so, and race between drivers. But why - that nobody wants to be engaged in it.

nevertheless preventive operation bears fruit. In the spring 2004 - go it has been removed from a route of 13 drunk drivers, autumn of this year - only one. In this season of any drunk it is not revealed yet.

The Most widespread infringements among marshrutnikov - neprohozhdenie checkup and malfunction of buses. And the more small the owner, the is more often it spits on the law.

- one year ago, during the operation, one of cars has been removed from a route from - for bad statuses, - Galina Kruglov, the inspector on propagation of a regiment of traffic police of traffic police of Krasnoyarsk remembers. - next day the driver, it the owner, indifferently left on a line. The inspector began to understand, why the infringer has not executed the writ. The conductor has in a pointed manner thrown out documents in a window. And the driver has got in salon and has struck the employee of traffic police a head about a hand-rail. The inspector has received a brain concussion.

similar incidents - a rarity. But the latent aggression of drivers at checks is present always.

it is necessary to notice that in road accident with participation of minibuses the last are more rare, than drivers legkovushek, are originators of incidents.

Sergey`s nedelina photo.

Only figures

In September 2004 - go,

during operation the Bus in Krasnoyarsk:

1 975 drivers have broken traffic regulations

to 113 faulty buses operation

1 855 drivers is forbidden are fined

10 decisions about deprivation of the rights is directed to court

0 infringers are deprived the rights in court