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From - for skyscraper buildings the next houses will collapse?

of it inhabitants chastnogosektora in city centre

the Right river bank Voronezh - entirely hills dabugry seriously are afraid. In this zone it is authorised vozvoditmnogokvartirnye at home not above five floors. Nonedavno in the street the Market Mount nachalosstroitelstvo a high-rise building, moreover and spodzemnoj a parking. Local residents zabilitrevogu also were converted in city komitetarhitektury.
- To us have sent the scheme gradostroitelnogozonirovanija, - the inhabitant of a lane of PechatnikovLilija Baskakova shows documents. - Smotrite:na city map our street, Freedom street iprilegajushchie lanes are noted now by a badge - 3. It means that here have resolved stroitelstvobez restrictions etazhnosti. That is in vsemostalnom area to build skyscrapers on - prezhnemunelzja, and at us why - that is possible!

the Wall of a shed of Antonina Gnilitsky has already fallen off. Turn behind the house?

While have only levelled a hillock, on kotoromsobiraetsja to locate the new building. And stenasaraja Antoninas Gnilitsky with pereulkarabkorovskogo, resting against this hill, uzheobvalilas. Bricks together with the earth vydaviloprjamo in a structure, and 75 - summer zhenshchineprishlos most to put props, that neruhnula also a roof.
- us now and podtaplivat became, - prodolzhaetlilija Baskakova. - In local cellars always suhobylo. And from the beginning of this building a constant syrostv cellars. Under construction - that the house, can, and budetstojat. And we - all who lives more low, - will move down vvodohranilishche. If already now the earth has spread, what will be, when piles will start to drive in?
tenants have received the decision from scientific research institute of geology VGU. The extram is told: on the one hand, rezultatyprovedennoj nzhenerno - geological ekspertizypozvoljajut to develop the project further. Building influence on being on sosedstvuchastnye can be reduced houses to a minimum, building technologies allow. But, with drugojstorony, it is not excluded that installation svajpovlechet ground movement. To estimate takojrisk, are necessary additional geologicheskieizyskanija.

the Comment of the expert

Anatoly BORODETSKY, main arhitektorvoronezha:
- According to the general layout on ulitsahsvobody and the Market Mount is resolved mnogoetazhnajazastrojka. The city is a city, and it tsentralnyeulitsy should be beautiful.
the project of this house has been co-ordinated nagradostroitelnom advice. It will be vysotnoezhiloe a building (more than 20 floors) with shops ipodzemnoj parking. The project is, but the permission nastroitelstvo did not stand out yet. Vozvedeniedoma examination will begin after projdetstroitelnaja.
and as to gruntov here it is possible though 100 - etazhnoezdanie to construct! Technically such vozmozhnostest.


Nikolay KORABELNIKOV, the senior nauchnyjsotrudnik scientific research institute of geology VGU:
- Geological researches I personally neprovodil, and only gave a response on inquiry mestnyhzhitelej. Ground part, undoubtedly, potentsialnoopasna: now here there are no landslips, but they mogutpojavitsja. If competently to execute raschetustojchivosti, the building will stand more strongly, than other houses round it.