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How much will make the penalty in half of minimum payment?

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- In one of answers Valery Obolensky has specified that the administrative penalty can be 50 roubles, that is half of minimum salary. But after all since May, 1st, 2006 the minimum salary is equal to 1 100 roubles, that is its half - 550 roubles. Correct me if I am not right.
E.Markshakononov, the student of faculty of law, Rostov.

- it is valid, in item 1 of the Federal law from June, 19th, 2000 82 - FZ About the minimum wage rate (with changes from April, 29th, on November, 26th, 2002, on October, 1st, 2003, on August, 22nd, on December, 29th, 2004) it is established that since May, 1st, 2006 the minimum wage rate is equal to 1 100 roubles.

but in article 5 of the given law it is said that the order of calculation of taxes, gathering, penalties and other payments which are carried out according to the Legislation of the Russian Federation depending on the minimum wage rate is made proceeding from the base sum equal to 100 roubles.