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Mother has transformed children in maugli

From - for hunger and a beating five years` Serezha itrehletny Maxim till now are not able to tell

Psychiatric examination has found out unatalii Podolsk easy degree umstvennojotstalosti, however recognised as made. That estona fine was self-controlled during the moments even samyhbezumnyh the acts. When swore ioskorbljala nothing at understanding kids. Kogdaskruchivala their linen rope also adhered kkrovati. When smothered Serezhu that it, ogolodav, directly on a kitchen garden has started to gnaw syrujukartoshku. Speak, the motherhood does zhenshchinudobree. By the 24 years Natalia from povorinskogosela the Mazourka has given birth to a three, but, probably, on it uprirody the good has not sufficed.
- in militia the grandmother of boys has informed. Napisalazajavlenie directly on the eve of New Year`s feasts, on December, 28th. Probably, has not sustained, - Alexey ROGATNEV tells prokurorpovorinskogo area. - Natalia the fault did not recognise and voobshcheotkazalas to give evidences. And such metodyvospitanija explained difficult life.
destiny at Natasha indeed the hard. Still: to live vderevne, without work, with three children on a neck, giving last pennies for a moonshine bottle. Is at it, truth, the husband, but at that a share is not more sweet. Vprotsess education daddy did not interfere, inatalija with children consulted itself. More precisely, finished. What is to be full, rebjatishkine knew - is in the house there was elementary nothing.
... Will tell wrong Now, as if vrachinashli at five years` Serezhi and three-year Maksimakuchu of illnesses. Much more correctly: not nashlizdorovogo ugolochka neither in an organism, nor in mentality. Kids are exhausted to a limit, know at most sdesjatok words. Natalia`s elder son, semiletnegosashu, from such fate has rescued local zhitelnitsavalentina Kriventseva. The boy went - went to it vgosti, yes couple of years back and remained for ever.
But why another`s woman has sheltered the child, arodnaja the grandmother who has written the application in militia, - is not present? Why were silent Valentina and ostalnyesosedi in the face of which children turned vbolnyh dikarjat? After all Natasha scoffed over nimitri year!
- yes you poezzhajte in any village. In kazhdojnajdetsja Podolsk, - with professionalnojnevozmutimostju public prosecutor Rogatnev has explained to me.
But even Alexey Evgenevich any more in silahobjasnit why our law so is loyal to Podolsk . On April, 12th Natalia has received shestmesjatsev corrective works with return of five-percent of earnings in the state income. To work to it, most likely, it is necessary on a farm. Ipljus here only one: for the first time for the life 24 - letnjajatetka learns work.
- Natalia judged under article of the criminal code of Russian Federation neispolnenieobjazannostej on education of the minor, interfaced to cruel treatment . Maksimalnoee could sentence to 12 months ispravitelnyhrabot or fine, - the public prosecutor speaks. - however the penalty there to take there is nothing, and half a year daliiz - for easy intellectual backwardness.
Podolsk against a judgement has not appealed against, yesterday onodolzhno was to enter validity. And tolkoteper it can deprive of the parental rights. And pokavse remains as is: Sasha there lives at the neigbour, Maxim and Serezha - with it. And nobody has thought, chtomalchikov now first of all it is necessary kormiti to treat. The psychologist, and in the Mazourka, as in " is necessary to them; to any village it is not present. Nobody has thought, chtoostavljat children with Natalia can be prostoopasno. But Alexey Rogatnev on mine opasenijaotvetil: During a consequence it was corrected. Myproverjali...