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In Olhovatke skinheads have removed a clip

Scandal in Olhovatke: militiamen have found out that among schoolboys walks shokirujushchijvideorolik. In it teenagers beat the person ipropagandirujut nationalism. The director uchebnogozavedenija where video was revealed, AleksandrBurjak categorically does not wish to communicate now szhurnalistami on this subject:
- This incident has already acquired hearings and conjectures which I am not going to discuss, nioprovergat. That has occurred in walls nashejshkoly, I will speak only in Office of Public Prosecutor.
and in the meantime criminal case already bylovozbuzhdeno and since last Friday already nachatorassledovanie.
- But still early to inform details about etojgruppirovke, - the public prosecutor of Olhovatsky area tells Maxim SAVCHENKO. - While there is niodnogo accused on this business, nobody nedoprashivali as the suspect. Now myustanavlivaem, how much schoolboys entered vgruppu.
According to preliminary data, them it is a little, chelovekdesjat at the age from 15 till 17 years. They study vraznyh schools. As it has appeared, children obedinilaideja nationalists - Russia for Russian! and etatema even has induced boys on tvorcheskiepodvigi.
According to the public prosecutor, children have played dvedvuhminutnye sketches in front of the mobile phone chamber ismontirovali then a clip.
on the screen the slogan " at first is highlighted; We nefashisty! then there are beating shots inostrantsapod songs known skinhedovskoj groups. Kschastju, the roller has appeared production, and zhertvuizobrazhal one of members of grouping. It is not known, how strongly to it has got from companions, but, judging everything, beat him without feeling sorry forces. As the roller has got vshkolu and has dispersed by mobile phones of children, sejchasvyjasnjaet a consequence.