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It is difficult to be kind?

“ in an inner life of the person kindness - etosolntse “ (V.Gjugo)

It happens in Switzerland. Once after vojnymalenkaja Monika has heard, as vagrant horispolnjal Russian national songs. Unusual singing, an iridescent melody, not clear slovazavorozhili the girl, and to it wanted samojnauchitsja to sing such remarkable songs naneznakomom language. Monika has lived good ζθηνό:βϋψλΰ in marriage, at it has appeared four children, azatem and grandsons. But love to Russian pesnjamostalas with it for ever: Monika Shappjuri vyuchilarussky language, has fallen in love with the Russian literature, aosobenno - N.S.Leskova`s pathetic stories.
And here happens in their family sad ρξαϋςθε:σμεπλθ parents of husband Moniki whom at zhiznibyli there are enough men of means. All semjashappjuri has gathered for advice to solve, as zherasporjaditsja the received inheritance. Imennoetot evening has defined destiny of hundreds orlovskihrebjatishek with which life with most nachalaoboshlas it is cruel, having deprived of their parents. Vsepoluchennye a family of Shappjuri in the inheritance otroditelej means have gone to Russia. Here β1998 to year in village Lavrovo under the Eagle (in the homeland takpochitaemogo Monikoj Leskova) on them have constructed “ Children`s village - SOS “.

Representatives of the company of MTS have called on in one of houses “ Children`s village - SOS - Lavrovo “. The huge pie has called delight the smallest members of a family.

That such “ Children`s village - SOS “? It not a shelter and nedetsky. It and not a foster home. Detskajaderevnja - a unique place where osirotevshierebjatishki find the house and a family - mum, bratevi sisters. Mum in “ to Children`s village “ - etospetsialno the prepared woman, kotorajasoznatelno has chosen for itself this role iprofessiju - mums for approximately eight children. The family lives in specially for them postroennomujutnom and the beautiful house - such houses in village “ SOS - Lavrovo “ twelve. Children go in usual selskieshkolu and a kindergarten. Play in the street, are engaged vkruzhkah, houses on an economy help. That estzhivut usual life of usual children. But the main thing - vih lives is that is appreciated osirotevshimimalyshami most of all, - the woman who loves ihi which they can name mum.
“ children`s villages SOS “ - negosudarstvennajaorganizatsija. Means for their creation ifunktsionirovanie it is required much - vednedostatochno only to construct village. Nadoobuchit mums - tutors to find teachers, organizers. To all personnel of village nadopostojanno to pay the salary. And still derevnisushchestvujut also develop. Whence pojavljajutsjasredstva? It appears, all over the world ogromnoekolichestvo people, at which big heart iblagorodnyj spirit. They the dobrovolnymivznosami and gifts help Children`s villages. They are the most different people. Such, as Monika Shappjuri. Such, as Julja Efimochkina, which reguljarnochast the disability pension peredaetderevne. Separate people, and tselyeorganizatsii help also. All of them inhabitants “ Children`s village “ Name the friends. And irrespective of, a leah makes your payment of 50 roubles or 50 thousand, vambudut are grateful and glad in any house “ Detskojderevni “.
- When I the first time has appeared in village, nakryltso one of houses there was a little boy, - Denis RYCHKA, the expert posvjazjam with the public of the company of MTS tells . - Onradostno has smiled and has exclaimed: our new drugpriehal! It was very touching.
the largest cellular operator in Russia - MTS company - it is valid recently staladrugom “ Children`s village - SOS - Lavrovo “. Pervyjpodarok from MTS - a multimedia projector. In “ to Village “ spend socially - poznavatelnyeigry which help to adapt the children who have endured a psychological trauma, kpolnotsennoj lives in a society. Earlier proektorprihodilos to ask for a while from houses - boarding schools. Now such problem is not present. Besides, proektorpomozhet and in the organisation of leisure of children - with egopomoshchju it is possible to arrange thematic prosmotryfilmov, video - discos.
- we are happy that we can bring the contribution vrazvitie “ Children`s village “ - Sergey of HEMS has told direktororlovskogo branch of MTS. - we Hope, our gift will allow children on - novomuvzgljanut on the world, to receive more knowledge. Sejchasmy only have begun cooperation, but it is assured, chtonas waits productive, interesting ivzaimopoleznoe dialogue. Some times in a year mybudem to carry out social actions, that sdelatzhizn children more filled, joyful iinteresnoj.

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