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The field under Prohorovkoj

Three times each hour over a field at stantsiiprohorovka beats a bell established nabelokamennoj to a belfry. The first blow - in pamjatgeroev Kulikovsky fight, deliverers of Russia otmongolskogo yokes. The second - about the soldiers battling for independence of the country to Borodino. The third - in honour of all fallen in struggle against fascism vgody the Second World War and in honour of victory vsamom large tank battle of the XX-th century

the First monument - the tank has appeared in the field only in the beginning 80 - h. A belfry - almost 20 years later.

Historians have counted up the Third military field of Russia: in fight on Prohorovskompole from both parties participated about 1500 tanks isamohodnyh tools. And still considerable kolichestvoartillerii and large forces of aircraft. Uchastnikisrazhenija and local residents named that, chtoproishodilo here on July, 12th, 1943, the present hell. Burnt not only the padded technics. Scarlet plamenempolyhala, turning to the charred clods, samazemlja. Earth shudder was so strong that fall underground waters, and from wells vprohorovke and neighbouring villages water has disappeared. Throwing burning cars, tankmen went hand to hand. Begun at half past eight a.m. srazheniedlilos till the late evening. Not one desjatiletiesapery took from chernozem of a bomb, a mine isnarjady. Many long years took away from a field podprohorovkoj skeletons German “ tigers “ “ panthers “ and “ messershmidtov “ Soviet “ T - 34 “ and “ Jacob “.
Samples of technics of Red Army segodnjavystavleny in territory memorialnogokompleksa the Prohorovsky field nearby otzvonnitsy. Nearby on a pedestal one more is set up “ T - 34 “. To immortalise memory of tankmen in 1971 lichnorasporjadilsja the marshal of armoured armies PavelRotmistrov.
Long time the tank was the only thing a monument naetom a field of military glory. Only on the eve of 50 - letijavelikoj Victories the belfry has shot up up on 52 metrabelokamennaja. Its project was created by VjacheslavKlykov, the native of Kursk village Marmyzhi that in 200κθλξμεςπΰυ from a place of historical battle. Initially a belfry planned to establish nastolichnoj Poklonnoj a grief. But officials otiskusstva has confused seven-metre skulpturapokrova the all-holy Deipara on verhushkepamjatnika. Four pilona the belfries personifying four years of war, vkljuchajutdvadtsat four high reliefs with mnogofigurnymikompozitsijami, numbering till 130 images. Uzvonnitsy three avenues originate: birch ilipovaja. It is one more symbol of unity of three ratnyhpolej Russia.

the Temple in Prohorovke have consecrated in honour of apostles Peter and Paul. Battle has occurred in day of memory of these sacred.

the Memorable cross and a temple - a monument

One more creation known skulptoraklykova in the Prohorovsky memorial - pamjatnyjkrest over a burial place in village Sentry.
- the local residents shot by Germans zdeshoronili even in days of occupation, - rasskazyvaetzamestitel directors of memorial estate “ the Prohorovsky field “ Natalia Ovcharova. - this place and poslesrazhenija became Bratskojmogiloj for hundreds soldiers. When the decision about " was accepted; integration “ military burial places and perenosepraha fallen in memorial complexes, proburials in Sentry have simply forgotten. Peasants zhemnogie continued to look after years them bezkakoj - or the help of the state. Having learnt about it, Canines has gratuitously made and ustanovilraspjatie over tombs of the fellow countrymen.
simultaneously with a belfry construction in samojprohorovke the first church-goers prinjalvelichestvennyj a temple of sacred apostles of Peter ipavla. Battle has occurred in day of memory etihsvjatyh. The temple constructed on offerings - pamjatniknapominaet the white lighted candle. On it belyhmramornyh walls names of victims naprohorovskom a field - more than eight thousand surnames are traced. Opposite to a temple the complex - cultural - istoricheskijtsentr in which take place miscellaneous actions, vtom number and international, level has settled down. For example, vmae 2000 here there were presidents of the three-slavonic states - Belarus, Russia iukrainy, signed the agreement osotrudnichestve.

Remains of the Soviet warriors on a rural churchyard in Sentry bury till now.

the Field clearly

is In Prohorovke also a museum of the largest vistorii tank battle. Among unikalnyheksponatov - the subjects found on mestesrazhenija, and things which have passed in muzejuchastniki fights. Including German soldiers.
- In the beginning 90 - h years we accepted bolshujudelegatsiju veterans of the second tank korpusass, - Natalia Ovcharova remembers. - Then onipodarili a ceramic plate in stilistiketretego a Reich with an inscription “ Dostojnomuprotivniku from warriors of great army “. And pozdneemnogie from them have passed in our museum both the awards, and stored at them from war personal things. Ochenmnogo valuable exhibits has given on postojannoehranenie to a museum and marshal Rotmistrov.
observation post in which then eshchegeneral Captains supervised over actions pjatojtankovoj the armies, most successfully operating a battle input, - still a memorable place military - istoricheskogozapovednika. From this point all field, on kotoromvrag has left about 400 tanks, clearly. Losses of Red Army were scale also. Noimenno after victory on prohorovskih rubezhahreshilas not only destiny of summer campaign 1943γξδϋ, but also all war. From here sovetskievojska have gone a victorious way to Berlin.

Be well informed

the Optimum variant that osmotretvse about place of interest of memorial estate “ the Prohorovsky field “ - to use svojavtotransport. It is possible to reach and szheleznodorozhnogo station of Belgorod naelektrichkah, the following through stations “ the Belfry “ and “ prohorovka “. In cultural - historical tsentredejstvuet hostel. Days in double nomereobojdutsja in 640, and in number a suite - in 3700 roubles.
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Questions of the third tour:

1. Name surnames komandujushchegovoronezhskim front and representatives stavkiverhovnogo the main command, uchastvovavshihv tank battle under Prohorovkoj.
2. Remember others known rabotyskulptora Vyacheslav Klykova, pomimoustanovlennyh in military - historical memorial estate “ the Prohorovsky field “.
3. Soon after battle of Prohorovskogosrazhenija the Soviet armies have gone over to the offensive, having released the Eagle and Belgorod. Moscow saljutovalavojnam - to deliverers. Name date of the first a war input artilleristskogo salute.

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