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In Voronezh obokrali weapon shop

Thieves have carried away some pistols

In “ the Hunter and the fisher “ on Leninsk prospekteneizvestnye in - were torn on Monday, in shestchasov mornings. Criminals have broken two doors: vsamo a building and in shop which is inside. The alarm system has worked, when have opened vtorojzamok. In three minutes pod - militiamen went, but criminals already and the trace has caught a cold.
- they have broken a glass show-window where lezhalooruzhie, - the employee of department of the information and obshchestvennyhsvjazej the regional Municipal Department of Internal Affairs tells the Novel of POLES. - Thieves have taken away trigazovyh a pistol, two traumatic and dvaelektroshokera.
and what for it were necessary for Whom “ trunks “ sejchasvyjasnjajut employees Railway ROVD. Suspects on this business while are not present.
the Request to all who became ochevidtsemprestuplenija or something knows about ukradennomoruzhii, to call by phones: (4732 22 - 80 - 61, 22 - 80 - 53 θλθ02.

By the way

this theft can auknutsja bolshimineprijatnostjami. After all a gas pistol in appearance neotlichish from the fighting. And to frighten of it it is possible ochendazhe strongly. And the traumatic weapon, streljajushcheerezinovymi bullets, can not only cripple, noi to kill. It is enough to get to the person to a temple. So two years ago in the street Lizjukovazastrelili known Voronezh bodibilderasergeja Rasihina. And with the help elektroshokeraproshloj in the autumn in Kominternovsky rajoneograbili the postwoman carrying pension.

the Comment of the expert

“ Pistols were stored duly “

Yury LONG, the deputy The chief otdelaorganizatsii litsenzionno - allowing work ikontrolja for private and detective dejatelnostjuguvd across the Voronezh region:
- Now we inspect rabotymagazina “ the Hunter and the fisher “. On instructions of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the weapon should hold in a special room vsejfe. But some exhibits it is possible vykladyvatna the closed show-window. The main condition - it dolzhnabyt is connected to the alarm system, as well as oruzhejnajakomnata.
While we have not found infringements of rules of storage. Temne less the weapon was gone. Certainly, administratsijamagazina could protect a lattice and a show-window, ivhodnuju a door... But it not indispensable conditions.