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Where orlovtsam to move on May feasts

As always, on the eve of May, 1st in the Eagle projdetjarmarka. Will sell There not only meal, but igrabli, shovels and other sadovo - ogorodnyjinventar. Still it will be possible to buy saplings ikustarniki.
will Trade in habitual places:

As to actually 1st of May osnovnyemeroprijatija will pass in three places.

the City recreation park:

Children`s park:

Lenin`s Area (a sports feast):

11. 00 - Starts young (presentation letnihvidov sports: football, volleyball, basketball, legkajaatletika, cycling). Indicative vystuplenijavospitannikov sport schools and clubs pohudozhestvennoj to gymnastics, acrobatics, sports gymnastics and aerobics.
11. 45 - start track and field athletics estafetypo to city streets;
12. 00 - track and field athletics relay race.
13. 00 - bicycle race start