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Musicians Picnic have taken a walk across night Belgorod

the Well-known group acted on April, 26th in MKTSBelGU. Tickets have been sold almost all. On an input as it is necessary, fans were examined by militia. The uodnogo admirer even have found dangerous koljushche - rezhushchijpredmet. Flat-nose pliers!
- I from work go! Therefrom also I bear passatizhi, - the guy explained. But guards ustroilitselyj a consultation: to withdraw or not to withdraw the tool . Have decided to take away till the end of performance - from grehapodalshe...
the Concert has passed in style Picnic - with fiery shoui performance of the person on stilts. And through sorokpjat minutes after the beginning declared an interval. Vpereryv musicians suited a small feast - with fruit and cognac. At this time with the leader, the guitarist and vokalistomgruppy Edmundom Shkljarsky.
- you not the first time in our city. A question to vamkak to the artist: have not looked after for sebjainteresnyj a landscape?
- Yes at you here and so all is remarkable, me idorisovat it nothing. Unless to write portretvashego the architect.
- than will be engaged after a concert? Probably, at last - that have a sleep?
- Is not present, we will take a walk on a night city. On hodudela we will solve, than to be engaged! And 8 mornings we leave vlipetsk.