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In Belgorod on payphones it will be possible to call

Now in all villages of area stavjattaksofony. The call price - 55 copecks minute (besplatnomozhno to call under numbers 01, 02, 03, 04). Communication sdrugimi cities and the countries - under the same tariffs, as from usual phone.
it is possible to call only with the help universalnyhkart. They happen different face value and are on sale vovseh areas.
if you do not have home telephone number - now mozheteprinimat calls on the street automatic machine. On kazhdomtaksofone its number so you prostonuzhno to tell to its relatives and in due time zhdatzvonka at the device is specified. Payment is charged, as priobychnom connection.
eight it is bright - red payphones have appeared and vbelgorode. Them have put to addresses: