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To Lipetsk there have arrived singing dolphins

Dolphins have brought in metal baths and vdoroge did not feed - that has not rocked to sleep.
- our pupils can weeks is of nothing. Ihspasaet a thick layer of hypodermic fat, - trainer Denis KUZMENKO has told .
much more hard dolphins transfer narrowness. On Wednesday of actors at last - that have let out in pool where they should live and act. CHtobyperenesti one 500 - kilogramme “ the big fish “ the elevating crane was necessary. However delfinytakuju an overload have conceived easy and not a nerve - nichali - it is visible, have already got used. But, it having appeared vbassejne, they approximately rushed for about one hour there - sjudapo to water, froliced and jumped. And only zatemzhivotnye had dinner. To everyone has got on 10κθλξγπΰμμξβ herrings.
to Lipetsk there have arrived two dolphins - the Seaman and the Frigate.
are especial dolphins - northern polar, ilibelye, - Denis Kuzmenko tells. - Onivodjatsja in the Far East and sometimes eshchevstrechajutsja in the White sea. From obychnyhchernomorskih differ in the sizes. Those in dlinudostigajut two metres, and ours, though still ipodrostki, vymahali to four and a half. Vprirode they grow to seven metres.
the seaman and the Frigate execute the most different tricks - juggle with a ball, twist on a nose a hoop, jump. Aeshche dolphins... Sing.
- they are put out from water and publish dolgieprotjazhnye sounds. Sometimes do not stop for five minutes. Spectators are delighted with it, - govoritkuzmenko.

Fur seals were picked up in the north by scientists. Poachers have killed their parents, but people left kids and have given to circus.

And to Lipetsk there has arrived pair of fur seals. The girl Is glad professionally twists a ball on a nose then claps lastami, calling spectators ejaplodirovat. Daniel`s its groom plays the pipe a pipe. Onszhimaet it in teeth and very much rabotaetlegkimi. The sound very much is pleasant to Daniel, poetomudressirovshchiki then hardly zabirajutmuzykalnyj the tool back.

do not pass!

the Delphinarium works from April, 27th till June, 3rd vparke Victories, near to the central input. Representations begin at week-days in 17. 00 and 19. 00, on Saturday and Sunday - in 11. 00, 13. 00, 15. 00, 17. 00, 19. 00. The price of tickets - from 100 to 250 roubles.

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