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To Michurinsk will arrive the second Vysotsky

the Actor and bard Nikita Dzhigurda will sing in DenPobedy in the homeland of the well-known selector. 9 Majana of the area of Michurin promise suit the power dvav one - a city concert ipolutorachasovoe solo Dzhigurdy. At first narazogreve local collectives will act, then nastsenu there is a star visitor - the favourite slabogopola, the owner Vysotsky`s voices .
- I called to Nikita, asked it to execute pobolshevoennyh Vladimir Semenovicha`s songs - all - takiprazdnik front-line soldiers, - the director " tells organizatorgastrolej; kinovideoprokata MihailMALAHOV. - the Actor will arrive with svoimmuzykantom. It is not clear Yet, he will sing podorkestrovku or to the guitar.
plan two exits of Dzhigurdy. After pervogootdelenija the people again will entertain michurinskiepevtsy and dancers. The bard in the meantime will smoke . The second branch - for a dessert, in the deep evening.
the expert on how it is correct to love on - russki already was in Naukograde - on March, 6th. To zhenskomuprazdniku has presented to the weaker sex tvorcheskujuvstrechu with itself. Has with inspiration growled under minusovku a song from with the same name filmaevgenija Matveeva and weight of other ballads - the ivladimira Vysotsky. Read verses.
- after that concert I Nikita zauvazhal, - admit Michael Malakhov. - smart words imuzyka. And as gives all the best! To the full extent!
Michurinsk too was pleasant to Dzhigurde. The bard vdovolnaobnimalsja and nafotografirovalsja with vsemidamami with which him have acquainted.
and still Nikita reduced in art gallery - navystavku Gerasimov`s works. osobennoprigljanulos to the actor a cloth the Rural bath . With the steamed out bared beauties.
- here they, the present Russian women! - the visitor has uttered.

do not pass!

Michurinsk show will begin in eight evenings. posletogo as will read the burial service Vysotsky 2 in night nebegrjanet fireworks.