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Militiamen have shot two gangsters

Criminals the first have opened fire

the Car at rossoshanskogo businessman VitalijaBorodenko have stolen in the morning on April, 25th. It left sostojanki on the BMW H5 . And it have stopped troeneznakomtsev. Under a pistol barrel kommersantvyshel from a car. Gangsters have dictated to it nomertelefona and have told: you Want to return a wheelbarrow, gonitrista fifty thousand (the real price of a car - dvamilliona roubles. - Red .) . You will find money - call!
Borodenko has called. Car thieves have appointed strelkuna evening of the same day, in village Stefanidovka podrossoshju. But the businessman has arrived not one - with sobojvzjal several acquaintances.
to talk gangsters have not wished - otkryliogon. And the businessman has called militia.
the capture group has soon approached. Car thieves nachalipalit in field investigators from a sawn-off shotgun ohotnichegoruzhja, and guards had to be shot. Two criminals have died on the spot.
- two more have escaped. They are detained, - VladimirGRIGOREV, the public prosecutor of Rossoshansky area tells . - One - inhabitant Pavlovska, the second - Olhovatskogorajona. Whom were killed, we now find out.
it is raised at once two criminal cases: for robbery iza attempt at life of militiamen. Takzheprokuratura inspects: lawfully lisotrudniki of regional department have used the weapon.