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the Arsenal have plundered during excursion

Yesterday on a door Voronezh the Arsenal there was a piece of paper Excuse, the museum is closed . When he again will earn - it is not known. Employees with the press refuse to speak. Onoi it is clear: on Wednesday they have endured neverojatnoderzkoe a robbery.
that day on excursion in the Arsenal prishlistudenty. On their eyes all also happens. What - toparen a pistol has broken a show-window and became hvatatmedali and Great Patriotic War orders.
the first to rescue property the guide has rushed. Has tried to take away from the predator of an award and in otvetpoluchil strong blow. The gangster has there and then disappeared.
the art dealer had to be converted into hospital. poslovam colleagues, now he feels sebjanormalno.
If the criminal will catch, to it threatens from 7 to 12 lettjurmy under article Robbery .
- the Stolen orders and medals are very valuable, - Vladimir DOBROMIROV, glavnyjhranitel a museum - diopamas speaks . - They are quoted even among the western collectors. But it is possible, nagradyprivlekli the criminal at all istoricheskojtsennostju - some are made of them from chistogoserebra.

By the way

That has got to the gangster

Two orders of the Red Banner (are made of silver).

the Medal For services in battle (silver).

the Medal For valorous work in VelikojOtechestvennoj to war 1941 - 1945 (copper).

the Medal For victory over Germany in VelikojOtechestvennoj to war (brass).


Signs of the criminal: the man 25 - 30 years, an average constitution. Has been dressed in dark clothes, a leather cap and dark glasses.
if you know something about this incident, will call by phone 02.

And here there was a case

Of regional studies obokrali for 10000 dollars

In Museum of local lore (which branch ijavljaetsja the Arsenal ) Already there was a loud abduction vmarte
2006. Though it would be more logical than it to name silent. During school excursion from Petrovsky zalapropal the exhibit in cost is not less ten-thousand dollars. Unknown persons have stolen a medal Vpamjat captures of Azov . Simply accurately vytashchiliee from - under glasses. Loss only cherezneskolko has missed days. For malefactors search till now.