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Where in Russia to have a rest and undergo treatment

Certainly, to sanatorium easily there can go the healthy person and is perfect have a rest there. But especially it is recommended to have a rest in health resorts to people with various chronic diseases. Why we write about it now, in the beginning of spring? All is very simple - flow having a rest begins in July - August when it will be fashionable to sunbathe on the sun and to bathe in natural reservoirs. And till that time of a vacation package will be on sale with very big discounts, after all sanatoria - that work all year long!


mineral waters of this resort (rich with iron) and curative ilovaja a dirt from lake Tambukan Are appreciated. Local sources Smirnovsky and Slavjanovsky have received the world popularity. Sanatoria specialise on treatment of illnesses of digestive organs, a liver, krovetvorenija, is warm - vascular system.

In Zheleznovodsk the soft it is mountain - a wood climate which equate to a climate of the Average Alpes. Air here always pure, transparent, vysokoionizirovannyj.


Most southern of resorts of the Caucasian Mineral Waters. It is located in northern foothills of the Big caucasus at height of 800 metres above sea level. Kislovodsk is based in 1803 as a strong hold and resort settlement at a well of Narzan. The Kislovodsk health resort will help to cure diseases warmly - vascular, respiratory organs and nervous system.

By the way, treatment widely practises Kislovodsk through terrenkur (so name the medical dosed out walking with ascensions on a hilly terrain). Regular ascensions accustom to breathe and combine correctly breath with movement, any way to weaken muscles during movement, develop coordination of movements. Today Kislovodsk terrenkur the best in the world, the general extent of paths makes more than 100 km.


On a variety of mineral sources (them from above 40) the resort is among all unique in the world. It name the Natural museum of mineral waters, after all almost all known types medicinal waters here are concentrated. It is difficult to list all diseases which are treated by Pyatigorsk waters. It and illnesses oporno - the impellent device, and zheludochno - an intestinal path, and is warm - vascular system.

Pyatigorsk is famous for medical baths. The oldest baths - Lermontovsky - exist already more than 200 years, in them the great poet accepted procedures.


One of the largest domestic resorts, is famous for healing waters and a dirt, works already since 1810 when mineral sources at bottom of a mount Iron have been opened. This health resort specialises on treatment of illnesses of digestive organs, a liver, bilious ways and a pancreas. The second direction on a resort is treatment of illnesses of a metabolism - adiposity, a diabetes of easy and average degree.

the Moscow suburbs

In Moscow suburbs are also drinking mineral waters (sulphatic, hloridno - natrievye). In Moscow Region there are some deposits of a medical peat dirt.

usually sanatoria are near to reservoirs and woods, therefore places for walks and productive leisure though take away.

to the standard procedures recently have increased velness - courses - special complexes for removal of stress, a rejuvenation and weight normalisation.


Is unique subtropics in Russia and simultaneously the best seaside climatic and balneal health resort of the country with unique is mountain - a sea climate (it even compare to a climate of resorts of Italy and France.

in health resorts of Sochi patients with diseases warmly - vascular, kostno - muscular and nervous systems, respiratory organs, gynecologic and urological sphere are treated. In treatment are used hydrosulphuric, jodobromnye and other baths, various souls, diving extension, massage and other procedures. The majority of sanatoria works all year long.


Anapa - a traditional place where carry to receive medical treatment sick kiddies. The sea here shallow and well gets warm in June. In Anapa of sandy and 13 km of 40 km galechnyh beaches, the curative climate, a valuable medical dirt and underground mineral waters (hydrosulphuric, iodic, bromic vysokomineralizovannye waters and brines for baths).

here treat diseases lororganov, respiratory organs, digestion, oporno - the impellent device, it is warm - vascular and nervous system, illness of a skin and gynecology. In city vicinities there are rich stocks medical ilovyh a hydrosulphuric dirt of estuaries and salty lakes - remarkable means from illnesses of joints, muscles, a neuralgia.