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the Snow-storm has survived. What further?

how the command has finished a season voronezhskajahokkejnaja, its trainer SergejKaryj

- Sergey Valerevich has told, considering all problems which have fallen down a head of the command, you dovolnyitogovym 16 - m a place with which has occupied the Snow-storm ?
- As it is possible to be happy, if in this season the Snow-storm has lost 70 percent of matches.
- for the coach of the team, at which at all bylosobstvennoj forms, such statement zvuchitdovolno self-critically.
- the Result is result. And about the form is truth. After at us in razdevalkesluchilsja a fire, in live remained unless the fads.
- a leah all have reached the superiority end? Vedvyzhit in such conditions can it is far not everyone.
- to Survive, by the way, there was our basic tseljupered a season. After all to its beginning we lishilissemeryh hockey players led by captain VadimomMusatovym. We had to type boys 1989 - 1991 which were absolutely not ready ktakomu to the serious championship.
- at the same time a snow-storm nevertheless has finished a season. Means, a secret in banal fanaticism?
- Yes, all our children work on desire. Etopri volume that many of them study either at schools, or at institutes. And clear business that ihroditeli which pay study, set svoimsynovjam the same question: and what for to you etonado?! Besides that institute you pass, denegne you earn, moreover and traumas you receive... By the way, at us for this reason already zakonchiliigrat some good children - roditelizapretili, and all.
- for that to us to wait from the Snow-storm in sledujushchemsezone?
- I Will tell a banal thing: all will depend otfinansirovanija. In last matches our command which has beaten out, for example, from plej - off voskresensky the Chemist has proved that us not so - that legkoobygrat. And if we can return nashihhokkeistov from other clubs to us posilam will quite win the championship of the first league.