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starooskoltsy lifted cars as if dumbbells

In a city there has taken place the championship on silovomuekstrimu

Competitions of athletes have arranged in Old Oskolenakanune of May feasts. The slogan “ the World, work, May “ have reforged in the motto of competitions - “ the World, force, a steel “. Competition named “ Steel character. Ljudii cars “. After all among participants there were in osnovnommestnye metallurgists who showed the siluna cars - moved them, lifted, vorochaliogromnye tyres...
to look at extreme show has come okolotysjachi townspeople. Has begun about the test - a drive: any mogsest for a wheel of foreign cars (organizatorypredostavili) and to drive on the area at Dvortsasporta. On a cowl there was a water glass, razlivatkotoryj it is impossible.
And then on arena there were protagonists - athletes. Dljanih have thought up five power competitions.

the First competition - dragging 90 - kilogramme “ suitcases “. Probably, organizers πεψθλθ:οσρςό children learn to carry on hands not tolkozhenu, but the mother-in-law in addition! Athletes dragged blocks narasstojanie about eight metres. Fastest etosdelal 32 - the summer worker private ohrannogopredprijatija Alexey Yoginov (5,3 seconds).

Lifting from a chest from a standing position. Tjagalistalnye 100 - kilogramme logs. Time and again onipadali - not to cripple sportsmen and judges, on the earth have spread out tyres.
- here the main thing - technics of lifting. After all one-incorrect movement - also it is possible to break a back ilinogi, - one of participants GennadijKlimov speaks. - But such exploits under force to any - prostonuzhno very much to want.
Alexey Yoginov became the most hardy besides - for a minute it has lifted steel “ a toy “ 17 times. Aved when - that it has transferred a back trauma!

“ Logs “ and “ suitcases “ steels easy razminkojpered following test - “ mounting “. Athletes should move on 15 metrovpokryshku from BelAZa. It is impossible to roll - it is possible tolkoperevorachivat. And it weighs of 307 kg!
on a distance into each tyre went neskolkochelovek. And its athletes alone moved.
fastest a distance there has passed Denis Jakovlev (23ρεκσνδϋ). YOginov this time became the second (29 seconds).

the Most serious test became “ the Jack “. Naplatformu have put 1300 - the kilogramme car, under wheels have enclosed a platform. Athletes dolzhnybyli to sit down, take handles of this platform ivyprjamitsja with such huge cargo “ behind shoulders “.
Time limits were not - everyone podnimalmashinu so much, how much can. The best result - 20 times.

“ Races “ - towage 1300 - the kilogramme car νΰ20 metres.
- the day before I was already kneaded, - AleksejYoginov has shared. - Has solved potaskat “ the Gazelle “ With semjupassazhirami. Weight - more than two tons. I have shifted eena 25 metres for 12, 76 seconds. I will open a secret - nadoponizhe to bend and trip feet, togdatashchit it becomes easier. Also will not be huge nagruzkina sheaves.
Yoginov has won also this competition - has held on “ Ford “ dofinisha.

the Chairman of jury Alexey Ljahushkin (at the left) and the winner of competitions Alexey Yoginov.

the Winner became, naturally, Alexey Yoginov. He has won the main prize - a vacation package in Sochi for two.
- on a power extreme I have got for the first time though sdevjatogo a class I am engaged in athleticism, - the champion " has told; Steel character “. - Samymtjazhelym competition was a separation of the car from the earth. Here there is a mad loading on a back.
by the way, now I prepare for the European championship popauerliftingu (to power triathlon. - Red. ). I am going to lift 300 - a kilogramme bar in zhimelezha.