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Ms. Kursk - 2007 has received one million roubles

And 19 more - summer student Elena Trofimovojdostalsja the car

On Saturday, on April, 28th, in regional dramaticheskomteatre has passed the beauty contest ending Ms. Kursk - 2007 . To this action organizers gotovilistselyj - spent year a casting, put show, uchilikrasavits to defile art.
the chairman of jury at competition, as well as in proshlomgodu, was Miss Universe - 2002 izvestnajatelevedushchaja Oksana Fedorova. To choose kurskujukrasavitsu to it Alexander Litvinenko, Igor Jurovchik, the designer of Fashion house VjacheslavaZajtseva, and also representatives izvestnyhmodelnyh agencies helped the champion of Russia polatinoamerikanskim to dances.
organizers of competition have prepared for zritelejnastojashchee the dramatized show - with suits itantsami Spain and Italy of a XVII-th century. On stsenegospodstvoval Baroque style. bylozagotovleno it is a lot of surprises. In the middle of evening on stsenuvyshli Oksana Fedorova and Alexander Litvinenko iispolnili a little zazhigatelnyhlatinoamerikanskih compositions. For zritelejtakzhe known singer Yury Garin has sung. Action by celebratory fireworks naulitse has come to the end.

Ms. - 2007 Christina Sergakova became our reader.

Each of 15 finalists has received what - libonominatsiju ( Ms. a figure Ms. of a photo and so on). Organizers of competition from cultural - esteticheskogotsentra Aphrodite have considered it fair: veddevushki, passed rigid selection and left vfinal, have already achieved the considerable.
and our edition together with readers, as well as byloobeshchano, have chosen the beauty - Ms. - Kursk - 2007 . To it became 17 - summer Christina Sergakova. We podarilidevushke a subscription to our newspaper and roskoshnyjbuket colours.
Ms. of spectator sympathies there was OlgaSinjushina. A rank the Second vitse - Ms. dostalosaurelii Alehinoj. the First vitse - Ms. there was JulijaChernyh. And, at last, a crown Ms. Kursk - 2007 The winner of last competition of Polina Sokovanadela on a head 19 - summer student Kurskojgosudarstvennoj of agricultural academy ElenyTrofimovoj. It will be now predstavljatnash a city at competition Ms. Russia - 2007 kotoryjprojdet in December. As a prize of ElenaTrofimova has received one million roubles and the Zhiguli the seventh model.
Oksana Fedorova has noted higher urovenpodgotovki girls to competition in comparison sproshlym year. But most of all on izvestnujutelevedushchuju has made impression of ElenaTrofimova.
- At the girl not only the excellent external data, noi good sense of humour, - Oksana has told. - Onagarmonichnyj the person, and it is very important.

the Blitz - interview with Ms. Kursk - 2007 ElenojTrofimovoj

- Elena, what you feel after victory?
- I am am overflowed with emotions!
- what plans for the future?
- With distinction to end high school, to be arranged naprestizhnuju work, to find the good husband and sozdatsemju.
- the Young man is?
- Is not present, but it is a lot of boyfriends.
- that was most difficult during time podgotovkik to competition?
- to Grow thin. I have dumped 12 kgs.
- the best diet...
- is Nothing. I joke, certainly. Nuzhnosbalansirovanno to eat.