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Averbuh will bring to Belgorod ice for 300 thousand dollars

has met the figure skater peredgastroljami the project Stars on ice

Despite the All-Russia day off, 30 apreljailja Averbuh, having overcome distance almost vtysjachu kilometres, has arrived to our city on mashineiz Gomel. The purpose of its visit - to look ploshchadkudlja at performances and to meet journalists, to tell about the show.

the Beginner will arrange the master - a class

with the Most important surprise for belgorodtsev stanetpriezd Marata Basharova. Though at the actor and zhestkijgrafik shootings and performances, our city it all zheposetit. Anna Bolshova and Vyacheslav Razbegaev tozheodenut already habitual fads and otkatajut svoiprogrammy.
In a break between the cores vystuplenijamiolimpijskie champions will give the master - a class dljanachinajushchih. Ilya Averbuh does not hide: To it prijatnobudet in some years to hear that imennoblagodarja its show parents have resulted children naled. Figure skating popularisation - egoosnovnaja a problem. And helps to open talantyshkola Irinas Lobachevoj. In Gomel Ilya just bylpo to an occasion of opening of one of branches. The project Stars on ice contributed pojavlenijuledovyh palaces already in several cities. Probably, will appear such and in Belgorod.
for now figure skaters will bring the ice. More correctly, a huge waggon - the refrigerator which will connect ktrubam, laid under floor-mats on arena dvortsasporta Space . For three days should zastytpjatisantimetrovyj an ice layer. By the way, there is vsjaeta a system of 300 thousand dollars.

- the Policy it is fashionable, but not for me!

I did not quarrel With Pljushchenko

with kollegojevgeniem Pljushchenko Ilya spoke About scandal interesting all reluctantly.
- I offered Eugene, as well as other figure skaters, to take part in my tour, - have explained Averbuh. - At us with it normal relations, that not moguskazat about organizers of its tour. To me neponjatnyeti ambitions, when in the shortest terms which - kaklepitsja Something and then it expose on sudzritelja. I do not want to be voiced about it. I think, enough that we the vystuplenijane break, though and very difficult everyone razsobratsja in one city. After all at all - the schedule, shootings, affairs. The program of Pljushchenko cancelled already dvaraza in Izhevsk and Ufa, and from - that onpoluchal an award. About what still it is possible to speak? Though jabyl it is happy, if the spectator went both on egoshou, and on ours.

Stars - 2 : continuation follows

One more question, interesting many: pochemuaverbuh does not participate in various projects Stars... and in political life of the country. After all vposlednee time many sportsmen, singers, akterystali deputies.
- about numerous variations Stars... moguskazat: it not for me. Last year myshutili that will soon think up representation, gdezvezdy will beat each other. Here recently ipojavilsja the King of a ring . Now we dream popovodu show Stars - surgeons . We take two patients, stars do by it operations, whose patient has died, that ivyletel from show. But relatives can podderzhatpokojnogo SMS - voting... Black humour, of course, and what to do?
I already said that in September will appear Stars naldu - 2 . It while the working name. Would be mojavolja, I would not repeat. But I understand that if not I, it someone will make another. Therefore budemfantazirovat. And it will not be a copy pervogoproekta. I consider that will look on usual ljudejzritelju is uninteresting. Here again will be bolshezavisti: here it could pass a casting, probably, a bribe has given... And so forth. It is necessary for success, that known people or their children participated. Takchto we will think how to please poklonnikovnovym show. And apropos deputatstva - I do not argue, vposlednee time it became even as - that fashionably. novot if Siharulidze actually believes, chtomozhet something to change and as - that to help people - it nepropuskaet any session and zanimaetsjatolko a policy. And to sell the person what - topartii it is simple so is at least, I think, it is dishonest in relation to people. After all, slyshaprizyvy the known person, to it believe, and partijane always keeps the promises. I not buduuglubljatsja and to name surnames, I think, and so vsejasno.