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The Krasnodar officials have lost on bribes

For a bribe in pair thousand roubles term till five years

At once three officials shines - mzdoimtsev have detected in the act on Monday. Business was in different departments, but have turned it pravoohraniteli on one, well fulfilled to the scheme. At first came a victim with mechennymi a special paint money, and then there were militiamen and brought accusation.

- Money was required for fast the decision of questions and illegal delivery of documents, - Ilya has told to us JACKALS, the chief a press - services of the Department of Internal Affairs of Krasnodar. - concerning officials criminal cases under article " are raised; Reception of a bribe by the official .

Among suspects - the deputy the chief of department of the educational centre of the Ministry of Emergency Measures of the Russian Federation across Krasnodar territory. Well this citizen when one of colleagues has asked to cook up to it the lime document on passage of a course of fire security could not resist. Without the such any rescuer cannot work. Now dishonest emcheesovtsa from justice will not rescue anything. Even that was necessary for it of all - that two thousand roubles.

the Little have more - six thousand roubles the state inspector of Management of federal agency of a cadastre of objects of real estate across Krasnodar territory tried to earn. It has given out the illegal building licence of summer cafe.

One more bribe taker, to be exact vzjatochnitsa - the state inspector of Regional inspection of work. For that in private concerns check was not spent, she demanded from one client of 10 thousand roubles, and at another - 30 thousand.

to All this Trinity, according to Ilya Shakalova, shines already till five years of imprisonment. In total only for January of this year in Krasnodar 12 cases of bribery are prevented.