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Us illegally deprive of habitation!

dear Alexander Nikolaevich!

Having fulfilled many years in boarding house nebug that in Tuapse area, we fair work have earned to ourselves habitation and have received apartments in the house 1. It is 14 - room two-storeyed stalinka located in boarding house territory. After 1992 have started to privatise apartments, and here 14 years we independently repair entrances, we conclude contracts from housing and communal services, even have brought water to the house. Some apartments in our house were on sale, transactions passed through justice, notaries. All according to the law.

But last year other person became the director of boarding house, it has brought an action against all tenants of our house. To us the claim has come: to recognise privatisation illegal, and the house - Open Company property nebug . The judge has seized all our apartments.

Since September, 2006 mockeries at us have begun. Judicial hearings pass in Tuapse. We, old men, regularly go by them from Nebuga, and the claimant is not. Constantly change documents. That has legal proceedings with us one organisation with nebugskim the address, another - from Rostov-on-Don.

Living in 150 metres from a beach, we without admissions cannot get to the sea because owners of boarding house have erected iron fences with a barbed wire, have established check points with protection. The footpath on which to the sea local residents went, is filled up by the cut trees. The chief of protection nebuga can arrange at 12 o`clock in the morning check of passports - clatters at all doors and frightens tenants.

the Office of Public Prosecutor of Tuapse area responds To our statements that the crime structure in actions of administration of boarding house is not present. We were converted in Krajsovprof behind the help. Here are extremely revolted by actions of owners of Open Company nebug Explained to us that cases were on sale only, and the habitation was not included into boarding house cost. Krajsovprof has sent in court the inquiry that it has passed our house to balance of Open Company nebug . But the judge of Tuapse area has taken out a verdict in favour of boarding house. At the same time all lawyers to whom we were converted, are surprised, why the court on a broader scale has accepted documents of this organisation which have become by the owner nebuga . Behind it at all is not registered any property, it is not the proprietor of the ground area on whom there is our house.

Such expression local residents from territories of boarding houses goes on all coast (for example, boarding house on May, 1st ) . Why the authorities will not study this problem and will not protect inhabitants of edge from such mockeries from outside new Russian ? Very much we ask you, Alexander Nikolaevich to help us.

We have already despaired and were tired to struggle. But very much it would be desirable to believe that in our country it is possible to achieve truth.

Yours faithfully, Berestneva L, Chikoteeva E, Dolgoborodova JU, Kutsepova L, Grigoriev M, Andreeva V, Old bug E, Sobolevsky L, Buhtojarova A