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Teenagers have enclosed under the house an explosive

in the Evening past Wednesday the militiamen, decided to check up documents at the company of idly unsteady teenagers, have been strongly surprised. Five boys have scattered in all directions at once. And on a place where there were children, in ten metres from an apartment house guards have found out an improvised explosive device and grenade 1.

- Inhabitants of the nearest entrance of the house 18 along the street 40 years of Victory evacuated, - the chief has told to us a press - services of the Department of Internal Affairs of a city Ilya JACKALS. - have arrived FSB, vzryvotehniki, first aid . Boys delivered in branch. One of them, the pupil of the eighth class, admitted that itself has made explosive.

the guy has found Ammunition even in the summer, in a cellar of the same house. The grenade was operating, but old, without a fuse and with corrosion traces. It is now sent for examination which will establish, a leah there was a radius of defeat of the device big enough to harm associates. Then law enforcement bodies also will solve, to get on teenagers criminal cases or to be limited to the penalty.